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Lineage 2 - Love Your Gatekeeper Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jkoster, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. jkoster

    jkoster Guest

    [drupal=29944]Lineage 2 - Love Your Gatekeeper Event[/drupal]

    The Gatekeepers of Aden and Elmore have long been mocked, attacked and ridiculed. Under appreciated and taken for granted, gatekeepers across the land have banded together to form an organization for the betterment of this maltreated occupation. The Gatekeeper Welfare Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for gatekeepers across the land. For a nominal contribution, they will be bestowing the hidden powers of the gatekeeper upon those people willing to donate. Please help them to restore dignity and prosperity to these unsung heroes.
    General Information

    The Love Your Gatekeeper event allows players to increase their vitality level. Vitality is earned while in the Gatekeeper form. When you are transformed by a Gatekeeper Transformation Stick, every kill adds to your existing Vitality level.

    • You can purchase the Gatekeeper Transformation Stick once per day on each account.
    • A Gatekeeper Transformation Stick can be purchased from Gatekeeper Volunteers for 10,000 Adena.
    • Gatekeeper Volunteers will be stationed in all major towns, excluding starter villages.
    • The Gatekeeper Transformation Stick is a shadow item that lasts for 60 minutes.
    • The Gatekeeper Transformation Stick cannot be dropped, traded or sold. However, it can be stored in your personal warehouse.
    Transformation and Battle Information

    Once the Gatekeeper Transformation Stick is equipped, the skill Transform Gatekeeper will be listed in your Active Item skills list. Clicking on this icon will activate the transformation.
    The Gatekeeper transformation lasts for 60 minutes, but is canceled immediately if the transformation stick is unequipped.
    While in the transformed state, each player is granted specific skills, which include:

    Icon Item Name Description
    [​IMG] Transform Gatekeeper Transforms target into a Gatekeeper. Allows energy to be restored when Exp. Points are acquired.
    [​IMG] Gatekeeper Aura Flare Attacks target using a non-attribute attack; temporarily decreases M.Atk. during PvP. [​IMG] Gatekeeper Prominence Compresses air until it bursts into flames.
    [​IMG] Gatekeeper Flame Strike Hurls a destructive long-range fireball at multipleenemies.
    [​IMG] Gatekeeper Berserker Spirit Temporarily decreases P.Def./magic resistance/evasion/ increases P.Atk., M.Atk., Attack Speed, Speed and Casting Speed. Effect 2.
    [​IMG] Transform Dispel Cancels Transformation.

    Note - Gatekeeper Berserker Spirit is not obtainable until your character is level 35 or higher.
    The Gatekeeper transformation causes a static stat adjustment across all races/classes.
    In addition to the Gatekeeper transformation achieved through the use of a Gatekeeper Transformation Stick, every Volunteer can also bestow a temporary non-combat Gatekeeper transformation. This transformation has no active skills associated with it. Battle is impossible while in this alternate Gatekeeper form. This transformation also lasts for 60 minutes or until dispelled.
    Other Information

    Like other transformations, the Gatekeeper form is automatically canceled when the breath gauge appears.
    You cannot transform while a pet/servitor is summoned.
    When transformed, the Transform Effect passive skill is added.
    You cannot sit while in the Gatekeeper transformation state.
    You cannot use Soulshot/Spiritshot while in the Gatekeeper transformation state.
    The Gatekeeper Transformation Stick can only be purchased/used when your weight gauge and inventory volume are below 80%.

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