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Lineage 3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OmnicronX, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. OmnicronX

    OmnicronX Guest

    Do you guys know if there are any plans for a Lineage 3? Or is NCSoft putting all their eggs in Aion? I'd personally really like to see an L3... maybe something a bit revolutionary and different than the prior two, but with the same lore and races.
  2. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Because of a inside job if you know what i mean some codes were stolen,they blame the developers cause i heard one of them showed his work to another company so the whole team left and you wont see L3 until 2010.

    There ll be different chronicles like Aion so brace yourself ;)
  3. LadyMartia

    LadyMartia Guest

    Im sad to think L2 is on it's way out, but NCsoft NA don't seem to understand how to increase the populations by advertising the game - instead they downsize servers, and in the end it will kill off L2. People who don't play L2 for the PvP leave more readily when they are forced into PvP, and this happens more and more each downsize. People on low pop servers wanted to be left alone on the whole, precisely because there was no real threat of PvP there if they didn't want any.

    I'd like to see an L3 - but only if it's run with more 'gusto'. NCsoft Korea knows how to run it.