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List for KOL-H.O.T. Auction, Tues. 6/10/08 7pm Central

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by lindylou, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. lindylou

    lindylou Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm a little late but here is the list for Tuesday's auction. It's a good one so don't miss it!!

    9 Gold & 1 Shadow Exxy Crafted Barding Deeds
    Ethy Swampy
    SE Sword Display, Arty 9
    Saddle, Arti 9
    Gauntlets of Nobility
    Legacy of the Dread Lord
    Dragon Slayer
    Breath of the Dead
    Grab Bag-Chaos Shield, Camping Scroll of Alacrity, Obsidian Blade, Ecru Citrine Ring
    Lune White Tokuno Dye, 43 chgs
    5 Gold Boxes
    Tombstone of the Damned
    Rare Dryad Green Parrot
    Albino Squirrel in a Crystal
    The Redeemer Sword
    Robe of Umbra
    Candelabra of Souls
    Fur Rug (rare)
    Standing Sword Display, Arti 8
    5 Neon Rune Book Set
    Arrow Shafts
    Tool Kit
    A Big Muffin
    100% Energy War Fork, HML 40, HLD 32, HLL 40, HCI 5
    Grey Cu Sidhe, HP 553, Dex 83, Int 258, Res 65/43/75/45/81
    Dragon Statue Dyed Black
    Violet Courage
    Elven Leafweave Gloves
    Crate of 16 110 PSs
    Nox Green Tokuno Dye
    120 Archery Power Scroll
    120 Taming & 120 Animal Lore Combo
    Sigil Purkle Blessed Robe
    Melisande's Corroded Hatchet
    Axe of Heavens
    Sculpture (monk) Dyed Tokuno Black
    A Wrist Watch (Old Rare)
    Character Xfer Token
    Melisande's Corroded Hatchet
    UO 8th Anniversary Token
    Frostwood Composite Bow, HL 42, HLD 28, HLL 22, DI 24
    Gold Mace, SC, Luck 100, LR 50
    Tunic of Fire
    Ash Xbow, SC, HL 44, HLL 14, SSI 10, DI 38
    120 Chivalry/120 Healing PS Set
    Scrappers Compendium with LMC 10
    Ring of Elements
    3 Soulstone Fragments
    Shadow Dancer Leggings
    Chaos Shield
    Winf's Edge
    Dryad Green Hair Dye
    Lakeshire Snow Globe
    Umbra Snow Globe
    Hunter's Garb Gloves and Legs
    Stuffys! 2 Bears, 1 Horse
    Elven Leaf Gloves and Legs
    120 Healing Power Scroll
    Aegis of Grace
    Spell Woven Britches
    Assassin's Tunic and Arms set
    Valorite Katana, HCI 13, SSI 20, Luck 55, DI 40 + 5 Resists
    Death's Essence Tunic and Legs set
    Brightsight Lenses
    2 Grizzled Skulls
    Blaze Melisande Hair Dye
    Black Fern (rubble)
    Large Palm (rubble)
    Large Palm (rubble)
    Large Palm (rubble)
    Morning Glories (rubble)
    Black Morning Glories (rubble)
    Colored (Grey?) Ohii Tree (rubble)
    Colored (Grey?) Ohii Tree (rubble)
    Mushrooms (rubble)
    Rare Black Sapling (rubble)
    69 Luck Suit
    69 Stone Fish from Johnny Deep
    Golden Mark Scroll
    Potted Plant
    Whispering Rose from The Po Guy
    Vanguard Set (Shield & Blade)
    Ethy Beetle
    Ethy Horse
    Potted Tree
    Invul Blue Tokuno Dye (44 chgs)
    Paragon Gold Tokuno Dye (50 chgs)
    Sigil Dyed Full Spellbook
    Agapite Anvil
    Leggings of Bane
    Gorilla Vet Reward Statue
    Lich Vet Reward Statue
    Daemon Vet Reward Statue
    Gargoyle Vet Reward Statue
    Old Hair Dye - Red
    Swords of Prosperity
    Darkened Sky
    Winds Edge
    Blade of the Righteous Demon Slayer
    AOS Dress for Lady Alyssa
    Blaze AOS Sandals - Various Names
    Other AOS Footwear - Various Names
    AOS Kilt for Buzzy
    5 Piece Set of Old Rare Ranger Armor
    White Holiday Bel
    Whispering Rose from Santa Claus
    Invul Blue Armor Suit, No Jewels, Res 65/70/69/70/70 Stam 8
    Violet Purkle Armor Suit, 102 LRC, Res 63/54/70/34/58, 2/6 Jewel Set and Lots of Goodies
    Mislabeled Mondains Defeat Ask/Answer Ball
    Red Sword Display
    Pair of Bright Green Lamps (not dyed)
    Inquisitor's Resolution Gloves
  2. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    WOW. O_O Me too, me too!
  3. Nine Dark Moons

    Nine Dark Moons Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 7, 2006
    Likes Received:
  4. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    I've heard a rumor that its being delayed until tomorrow. Due to the turn-in.

    EDIT : I guess it really is a rumor... And I think it's still on.
  5. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    Probably a rumor spread by somebody who doesn't want competition at the auction! Heeheee!

    *still drooling over those donuts... and now about five other things, too...*
  6. Painted Elves

    Painted Elves Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Evilminion~ did you get to buy some donuts?

    I totally missed the auction!!! grr.
    I got all wrapped up in cooking a yummy dinner for me and my roomate and his friend and it was goooood. dang food! hehe
  7. Evilminion

    Evilminion Guest

    I DID! *dance dance dance* I got my donuts, and a lovely green parrot, and some swampie armor, and a puppy, and a sack of stuffies for one of my guildmates who missed that holiday giveaway, and a WRIST WATCH! *happysigh*

    Honestly, though, it sounds like you had an even better evening than I did. :) Home-cooked food and good friends... stale virtual donuts don't really compare. :D

    EDIT: Thank you, Leia, for running a great auction! Can't wait to do this again next month.
  8. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    I would like to thank the hole auction staff for a great night. I got some AWSOME items including the Saddle , 120 Taming & Lore Scrolls , The Tall Palm Tree Rubble , Ring of Elements and The Redeemer. Now I need to start earning some more gold :D .
  9. lindylou

    lindylou Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm really glad you all had a good time!! It was a successful auction despite the new publish going live. Very nice turnout. I sure was rusty though! LOL

    Thank you all for your support! I love ya and so does KOL!