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List of items that give mana regeneration

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by icedtr2003, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. icedtr2003

    icedtr2003 Guest

    So, is there a list somewhere which includes all the items that give MR?

    If not, can you please write what you know?

    So far I have seen:

    Boomstick -> 3 MR
    Pendant of magi -> 3 MR
    brightsight lenses -> 3 MR
    Mana phasing orb -> 1 MR %6 LMC

    some imbued studded sets with %8 LMC each piece

    what are the others?
  2. Hibbleton

    Hibbleton Guest

    Re: Items that give Mana Regeneration and items that give Lower mana cost

    I don't know if there is a master list anywhere but there are lots of items with MR and LMC - some with MR that come to mind are:

    Frostguard talisman: 1 MR
    Conjurer's Garb: 2MR
    Hat of the Magi: 4MR
    Tangle: 2MR
    Shadow cloak of rejuvenation: 1MR
    Divine Countenance:2MR
    Helm of Insight: 2MR (but non medable I think)

    All of these have other mods but I've just shown the MR - one or two may have LMC also (Divine Countenance has 8 LMC I think). I'm sure there are many more and I think there are a number of newer items from Stygian Abyss and High Seas that have MR on them too.

    Some armour sets and community rewards may also have MR on them.

    If you can't find a master list, you can try looking at the item list on stratics and looking at each of the artifact and reward categories to view all the artifacts / rewards lists -these show each item and their mods (although I don't think are any High Seas items on there yet).

    Of course there is always imbuing to add both MR and LMC to armour.

    Hope this helps

  3. icedtr2003

    icedtr2003 Guest

    Yes thanks. I somehow managed to review all craftables and artifacts and etc and that is pretty much it.

    But what about imbuing? all sets of no reg and MR for mages are studded leather so far I have seen. Are there any other things that can help MR and be crafted over imbuing?
  4. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    You can imbue mr 2 onto every crafted/craftable armour piece of your choice. And the main question is, why are you asking for this stuff? Do you want to put a max mr suit together for a scribe?

    head: hat of the magi/crown of tal'keesha mr 4
    neck: pendant of the magi mr 3
    chest: rune beetle carapace mr 3
    legs: mr 2 (imbued/drop)
    sleeves: mr 2 (imbued/drop)
    gloves: mr 2 (imbued drop)
    talisman: mana phasing orb mr 1
    bracelet: crafted dark sapphire bracelet mr 2 (thought rare)
    ring: crystalline ring mr 3
    weapon: corgul spellbook/boomstick/clainin's spellbook mr 3
    shield: tongue of the beast mr 3
    half-apron: tangle mr 2
    shirt: conjurer garb/lieutenant sash mr 2

    If that is not enough mana reg you can add holy macarel pie for another (time limited) mr 3. Not to mention that i might miss one or another item since i am not into rares collecting/gathering.
  5. icedtr2003

    icedtr2003 Guest

    well I have a tamer/mage/bard char and I am willing to 0 my medit since it occupies a very precious slot from 700 skill cap:) Since I am not going to be totally depending on mage, I want a regen sufficient enough for at least 5 spells from 8th circle. I have been told that with around 40LMC and 10MR it would be sufficient to support the mana, and looking for ways to achieve it before I zero my medit