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List of Necromancer bugs/issues (post bugs/issues here)

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Chandalir, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    <font color=8B0000>Forms:</font color=8B0000>

    Bug: Instant resurrection upon death leaving you vulnerable to being killed again (fixed?).

    Bug: It is possible under certain circumstances to receive the benefits/drawbacks of forms while still being human, i.e., being able to mount.

    Bug: Benefits of forms lost when crossing a serverline.

    <font color=8B0000>Familiars/animates:</font color=8B0000>

    Bug: When one of your familiars/Revenants attack someone in PvP who show grey to you but blue to everyone else, you become a criminal and risk guardwhacking or being given a murder count.

    Bug: Animates will not follow you unless they kill something.

    Bug/Issue: Animated mounts do not last very long unless using a bug to make them stay in the game as long as you are, meaning to have any use of the steeds you basically have to cheat.

    "Issue": You have to actually hit an opponent before a familiar will attack (once for every hit you make).

    "Issue": The death adder's snake charming ability means you have to double click a snake then target what you wish it to attack.

    "Issue": Familiars only attack once per melee hit you make on an opponent.

    <font color=8B0000>Fixed:</font color=8B0000>

    Various necromancy gaining bugs (most notably the 116.0 gaining bug).

    Female wraiths (banshee's) pushthrough.

    <font color=8B0000>Intended:</font color=8B0000>

    Not being able to use forms while under the effect of tribal paint/disguise kits/incognito (intended because none of these work together - its possible it will be "fixed" in the future, but its not a bug per se).

    Vampires cannot remount (intended as it was a fix for a rather serious issue; its possible that vampires aren't even meant to be riding in the first place, so enjoy it while it lasts /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif).

    Faster Casting has no effect on necromancy (intended, and be happy).

    Spirit Speak is not affected by protection.

    Any 'damage over time' spell reveals you when it does damage - yes, this is intended.

    Necromancy scrolls not easier to cast akin to magery.

    Old Bug thread is here for reference.

    <font color=8B0000>Changes in this post:</font color=8B0000>

    Changed familiars not attacking from bug, to being an "issue" with only one hit/melee hit.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *confirmed with Familliars*
    They will usually atack once for every meele hit you get within there atack speed....wich I don't find helpfull they used to auto engage after one hit...and I want it back that way.
  3. They don't get treated at all. And we've posted them so many times that it sucks, kind of, to type in the same things over and over. Plus you seemingly got it all right there.
  4. Drum

    Drum Guest

    Female Banshee Pushthrough Rebroken. Discovered July29th, but hadn't played necro girl since pub25... Any one else notice when this re-occurred?

    Yeah... I tried a male necro just now in wraith form... males are broken too.. ARGH
  5. Drum

    Drum Guest

    today, in Trammel and in wraith form, I hear the entering felucca sound, and now all the trees are fel type. no leaves. This is exhausting to be confronted with bugs non-stop.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That has always been a bug not with just Necromancers all classes get the Fel desolation in tram effect randomly.
  7. Ashenveil

    Ashenveil Guest

    Hey, I do not know if anyone else has experienced this problem but. . . if I am in Lich form and I attempt to transform in to a wraith or a horific beast, instead of looking like a wraith or horific beast, I appear to be in human form but I still have the benefits/downsides of the form I attempted to transform into and can only get out of it by transforming again. It was confusing to me when I transformed from a Lich to a horific beast and appeared to be in human form but could not cast any spells since I was actually a horific beast. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    For some unknown reason (possibly related to crossing a server boundary), animates attacked and killed the necromancer, his horse, and came after me. We were not partied, not in the same guild (he is not in a guild), and neither of us agged or attacked the animates in any way. This implies, to me, that they would have gone after not only him, but any random bystander.
  9. ThePict

    ThePict Guest

    My significant other and I were out running around the woods north of Britain (Trammel) while he worked on his new necromancer. He was animating stuff, I was just tagging along.

    Right around the server boundary north of Britain he was suddenly killed by his patchwork skeletons, who proceeded to kill his horse, his shadow wisp, and come after me.

    He was not in war mode, did not cast on them, hit them, or agg them in any way. What I find oddest is that they came after me; we were not partied, not in the same guild (he's not in a guild), and I had not targeted or agged the animates either.

    He duplicated it just fine this evening (first time by accident), and then again with myself and some of my guildmates along for the fun and resurrections.

    There are no area effect weapons or spells involved, no barding skills, they simply aggro as he crosses the server boundary.

    Our best theory is that for that split second when a player turns grey as they cross a boundary the animates target and remain targeted, but it does not explain why they then attacked myself and my guildmates as we recalled in, but did not physically walk across a boundary, nor why it kills his mount after killing him. It's almost like once they go postal they are on a rampage.

    The implications get worse when you consider what would happen if he ran into a crowded area with postal animates in tow and they went after any player or pet in sight. I sort of wonder if guards would kill them, or register them as pets? We did not test that. I can say that evergy vortices regard them as pets and will not attack them. If nothing else it has meant 4 new horses for him today.

    We paged a gm, duplicated it for her (she says she has never seen anything like it and has no idea why it is happening.. we both very much appreciated her coming to check it out though, and she said she would write up a report), and then submitted it to uobugs.

    I made a necromancer and, with some friends along, duplicated this bug on my own character. I had two friends along, one of them and I went below the server boundary, the third stayed above it. I animated some corpses and we proceeded across the server line. Upon crossing, the animates (a skeletal knight and a patchwork skeleton) aggroed first on myself, then the friend who had remained above the boundary and did not cross it, and then the friend who crossed the boundary with me.
  10. I am currently stuck in "wraith form" which stacks if i cast it again. Basically what this is doing is giving me a PERMINANT -5 fire/energy with a PERMINANT +10 psy bonus. THIS BUG NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

    This mode is not giving me any benifits such as mana leech or the inability to be bled. I suggest everyone check their armor values and page GMs to let them know this bug now exists so they can prevent it from happening in future pubs.
  11. Menkare

    Menkare Guest

    I almost posted this in the Assassin's Forum, but I guess it really belongs here. I don't know if this is a bug or just an issue.

    When I summon a familiar and hide, the familiar hides with me. When I stealth and move however, the familiar reveals to everybody and follows me. That sort of defeats the idea of stealth. Interestingly enough, it seems as though monsters do not target the familiar until it attacks them.
  12. Forms:

    You can now mount a steed in vampiric form without difficulty (bug/issue fixed).

    I still can't get my familiars to attack except very rarely on a first attack, then they just stand there as I fight.

    HOWEVER- as of Pub 27 there were unspecific fixes to bugs concerning necromantic familiars. Any idea what they were? Everything we'd heard said that familiars were working as intended, despite what we complained.
  13. Uncle Isty

    Uncle Isty Guest

    I'm trying to understand why necromancy seems to be capped at 5 Fast Cast Recovery and to understand how Inscription works.

    Allow me to explain.

    I did a test with a necromancer holding a ring with 3 FCR and a bracelet with 3 FCR, giving a total of 6 FCR. Then I proceeded to cast curse weapon, wither, and all shapechange spells. (Remember now the cap at fast cast recovery is 6)

    Holding the macro down through all the spells, I noticed that 6 FCR is too fast for the necro spells to recover.

    The first cast goes through but the second cast doesn't. Instead, I see the words of power but no spell goes through. So if I held the macro for curse weapon or wither and spam cast it with 6 FCR, you'll notice that every second casting will not go through. In a field test it would go like this:

    6 FCR at continuous casting~...... first cast success, second cast unsuccessful (only see words of power, no cast), third cast success, fourth cast unsuccessful (same prob as second cast), fifth cast success, sixth cast unsuccessful, and so on.

    So if you wanted to easily test this yourself, go out with a 6 FCR necro, with enough mana to spam cast curse weapon, and you'll see for yourself.

    However, with 5 FCR I dont get this problem, holding the macros down for spells with 5 FCR I end up casting them in quick succession without any problems. But not at a speed I'd rather have like FCR 6 with paladin abilities or mage spells.

    This means that necro spells are unable to recover at 6 FCR speed?

    I know the this is such a small detail but timing is all what PvP is about. If I want to spam a guy to death with wither I want every second on my side. I'm just a little angry that necro spells were left out of the 6 FCR equation.

    Another issue I'd like to talk about is Inscription. I understand that at GM Inscription a player has a spell damage bonus of 10%. Now does that only work on mage spells or does that work on necromancy spells too???

    At the moment, spell damage increase items like rings and bracelets increase the damage of poison strike and wither so I'm led to think that Inscription would increase the damage of the SPDI dependant necromancy spells. I am really curious if Inscription does work with necro spells.

    Thats pretty much all I have to say. If any of you can get a developer to answer on some of these or if you truely know the answers yourself, please respond.

    Thanks for reading.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I decided to post here since I knew I would get no love from the UO Hall board, but..

    Since instanced corpses came out, if my animates attack my target (while I'm in the process of fighting it). they get an instance of the loot...and i have to wait around the 3 minutes to loot the kill completely. Notice I'm mentioning this about things I have *already* started attacking, and then the animate joins in. I'm well aware of being unable to loot animates' kills if they did the killing all by themselves. That's been around forever.
  15. Al'Djinn

    Al'Djinn Guest

    I was in wraith form and tried to cast blood oath, but I only get the message on the lower left corner of the screen that I can't curse that.
  16. If two animates attack a beast, the necromancer does not, in fact, get looting rights. Well, technically he does, but it's an empty instanced corpse.

    Is this just because there's two animates doing damage, or because they both did so much more damage than I did?
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Are you sure?

    i was running around with my animates today and didn't have a problem getting any looting rights...I didn't even have to atack infact.

    Necromancers now get all looting rights from there animates....if its till happening tell me, I want to do some research on this...
  18. Bhima LS

    Bhima LS Guest

    How do you get the animates to attack? Yesterday morning i decided to take out my little-used necro mage down to where two demons and some imps and hellhounds spawn at a time, and i spent almost all my time running around healing and manually ebolting the monsters because my summoned creatures wouldn't attack.
  19. bbr

    bbr Guest

    familiars can be stabled.

    resurrects can be killed by anyone. compare this to earth elementals, and EVs.. this is unfair.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    not really. i can as my necro/mage summon vortexs. deamon, earthies, whatever, and they take controll slots. annimated takes none. so i can have all those summoned mage summons, AND the necro annimates. thus it is fair that they can be killed by others, though id prefer them not to be /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I still tell ya I'd take animates with control slots not being killable to people anyday over the crap we have now.

    Necromancers now Are very eficient solo hunters in low traffic areas.
    Kill the low spawn around raise patchies sick em on higher spawn
    cast reverant strangle painspike whathave you and pound away revs seems to last longer if animates are pounding on the Monster.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ya but also look at some of the uber annimates we get. i was fighting with guild mates tonight vs shadow drags. my 3 skel drags annilated the shadow faster then any tamers ww i have ever seen. they would need controll slots. so we could only have like 1 drag, not 3,or 1 lich, maybe 2, 2 patches, 3 maybe 4 wraiths, etc like that, and then that would take the controll slot. like that, no other mage thing to be summoned, and if there was a mage one summoned, then annimate could only be annimated if controll slot was avalable.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    -damn isp multiple post-
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    -damn isp multiple post-
  25. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    strangle damage seems to be overwhelming in pvp, it can deal over 80+ damage till the spell disappear, it's kanna *lame
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    what I am saying if I could take control slots to make my pet either Controlable or unkillable to blue players I would gladly do so.

    They would boviously rationalize strength of animate to control slots, 3 for skely 2 for Hellsteed and so forth.
  27. isn't this post against UO rules? lol...

    **Waits for someone to post a "beneficial" bug here and get flamed away :p
  28. <blockquote><hr>

    Bug/Issue: Animated mounts do not last very long unless using a bug to make them stay in the game as long as you are, meaning to have any use of the steeds you basically have to cheat.


    I don't know how to use a bug to do this. It just seems like 1 in 10 dead horses I animate stay healthy. I hope the dev's just decide to leave this as a feature.
  29. amn1088

    amn1088 Guest

    No NONONONONO I am fine with the animates not taking control slots the only thing that annoys me about them is the fact the wont follow you til it kills something. As long as they "try" to follow me and not take control slots I am fine with them. Also I wish the anamated mounts would last longer maybe like 1 day for every 40 SS. I just hate animating a horse into a mount that will last for the trip from the Haven moongate to the Haven bank and than fall apart.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ya annimated mounts are rather worthless /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif id love to ride around my steed, but unless i do the bug i cant, and being that im not sure if you can get in trouble for doing the bug i seldom do that hehe.
  31. Elric_Soban

    Elric_Soban Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Ive said this one many times before, and im gonna keep saying it until i see it fixed.

    Revenant's no longer track hidden, come with on teleports/recalls, or follow into houses.


    Thank you.

  32. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Whats up with wraith form , aint it surpossed to allow you to walk trugh peopel in Fel ?? I was running around at CoM base last night and it sure DIDNT work , I tried it on a few friends , some red's and even on npc's NO GO !! when did they messes this up ???
  33. paladinius

    paladinius Guest

    I have a beginning necromancer 62 mage 71 on Drachenfels.

    Using Blade Spirits to kill orcs ( the ones with the armor and axes ) I can get a minor artifact in 40 to 70 minutes.

    I then played for 7 hours ( on my day off ) using nothing but animate dead on the orc corpses. The resulting mummys followed me around, killing any orc that appeared near me but I got no minor artifacts. Not one in seven hours.

    Is this right ???
  34. Now that you mention it, that mighta had something to do with the strange intervals Id get on minors...anis musta done enough damage to get "looting" rights or something...
  35. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Well probably the animates dont count as "Yours" so what they kill doesn't affect your chance for getting arties.
  36. They really need to fix this bug, its been around forever. If you cross a server line you need to recast waith form or you wont get the benefits. I cant express enough how irritating this is when going into dungeaons with high traffic and you have to find a way to recast it without letting then entire guilds know you are thre.
  37. RobY330i

    RobY330i Guest

    This is a pretty big bug.

    I can no longer use any non passive skills. No SS...No Meditate...No Arms lore.
    I keep getting the " You must wait a few moments to use another skill." and I'm still waiting.
    This has been going on for a few weeks now.

    Suxs when you can't cast SS to heal yourself.

    I've tried casting spells, refreshing the windows...even killing myself.
    No change.

    I can't play this character.
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you cast summon familiar and leave the menu up and then recall, when you try to use the menu it will disappear with no result and then you won't be able to get the menu up again. [​IMG] anyone experience this bug?
  39. Morcar

    Morcar Guest

    I cast Evil Omen on myself by mistake and it stuck with me for over 7 days, even after being hit with melee and magic.

    It put my Resis Magic down 50% until it finally went, and only after I had cast it on myself a few more times and then attacked myself.