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LIST of the reasons how to be banned:

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Kiss Of Death, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Kiss Of Death

    Kiss Of Death Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 8, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Ok guys, since there have been bans of innocent players lately, I think it's good to make a list of the reason how a player can be banned , because there is lot of mistery around lately:

    1) duping
    2) saying racist insults
    3) saying the word " **** " in any contest , even funny ones
    4) using bugged quivers
    5) speedhackin (nobody gets banned for this anymore)
    6) drophackin the suit of others (but a gm would rlly help herE?..don't think so)
    7) macroing afk
    8) scripting afk
    9) training resisting on a boat and having monsters on land while casting on u (illegal cuz u cannot block monsters)
    10) having monsters trapped in house (similar to 9)

    things as hacking ppl aren't bannable due to the lack of sensibility of the GMs ( I 've known a guy who hacked over 100 + players on all shards making irl money, I reported him but he has still an account and with fake forums sometimes he still hacks ppl, nothing has been done for this bad bad person, so also for the small hackers nothing is done vs them)

    do u know any other reasons? why now EA ban ppl who bought val hammers in a legitimate way? why they went mad all at sudden? why they ban players who simply bought items off vendors, in a legitimate way?

    tell me guys now each of us cannot buy anything at this point? anything can be duped, and we may be banned just because we bought duped items that we don't know were duped?

    any mecanism of the game that allows us to understand an item is duped? NO

    sometimes players sell items cheap for having fast gold to rebuy urgently a super armour piece or a weapon they've been lookin for months? so why some of you say that when a val hammer is at 15 mils...it's smelling in a bad way?

    at this point if I sell 10 + 25 stats for 2.5 mils ...am I a duper? lol Or am I one of the olderst pkers of the game and I have a pker guild ? and maybe I made 9 harrowers in a month? so If I sell 10 +25 for so cheap, u don't buy them or u are afraid they been duped?

    this is just a vice circle. I hope EA will understand that they've to threat better their veterain players, ppl who spent 13 euros per month for 11-12 years (more then one account too...). Why they ban just because of possession of dupe items? nobody has a way to understand if an item is duped or not.

    It seems they hunting down witches, when these poor witches are just little girls and totally innocent.

    The Inquisition of stupidity seems to have begun? I'm shocked once more.

    P.s. 3000 $ spent over 11 years , 4 accounts active---> 12000 $, a friend of mine 30 accounts active ...for 6 years.... etc etc

    let's threat good the real and beloving customers, we don't want a SHADY customer care.
  2. monnie101

    monnie101 Guest

    :sad2: You forgots to add that we cannot fill our pens with wild animals to make friends with. *cries* :sad2: :sad3:

    Yet we are allowed to beat them! :bdh: EA is omnivorists!
  3. Satanatra

    Satanatra Guest

    "Ok guys, since there have been bans of innocent players lately"

    That statement is bull****.
  4. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    Actually making racist comments and saying anything offensive in general does not get you banned anymore. There is a few guys on my shard that have been standing at WBB for two weeks saying any outrageous comments relating to race, sexual orientation, and women in general. They make shock jocks sound like The Virgin Mary. They blatantly say over and over again "Ive been trying to get banned for so long now". Many people have paged because it is so outright offensive, they only response they get is turn your ignore function on. My conclusion is you can say whatever you please in UO now.
  5. ravenwaves

    ravenwaves Guest

    The use of the term ****, in all contexts, is not funny and in most contexts, should be bannable
  6. monnie101

    monnie101 Guest

    This is the only game I have played where you can regularly find players sitting by the town bank for hours calling people newbs andd yelling races remarks at random passer-bys. Sometimes they get in trouble but it takes a long time. I always thought it was really wierd how EA allows that. But UO is infested with griefers so maybe the GMs are just too flooded with pages. /shrugs

    Oh actually, I have seen people of course act like immature ******* in WoW. Though I can't say I have seen people stand in the same spot for hours saying racist things and threatning to R someone.
  7. Atlantian

    Atlantian Guest

    Other reasons to be banned should be as follows

    1)quoting dictionarys
    2)stats that no one cares about
    3)thinking that because you are a volunteer for stratics makes you an expert on all that is stratics
  8. Kiminality

    Kiminality Guest

    Do I hear a bee in your bonnet?
  9. Atlantian

    Atlantian Guest

    Yeah. There is a pest bothering me.
  10. Wearing them neon clothes ya'll have shud warrant a ban!!

    :p :thumbsup: :owned:
  11. Xrenos

    Xrenos Guest

    I would add
    11) You can be banned for having in posession following items:
    2 sets of tokuno dyes, small amount of tokuno arties, almost all zoo revards, stuff from tokens like fire resist plate pants and fountains (30 fountains), Ancient wyrm heart, and spring cleaning stuff worth 4,5mil points, crystaline ring, inquisitors and 103 gold checks 1 million each.

    (Items from this list I got myself: dyes, zoo revards, stuff from tokens including fountains, heart. Fighting monsters, donating pets to zoo, receiving tokens with my accounts these few times they were given.
    To get 4,5mil spring cleaning points I used mine and my inactive friends' accounts (7 in total including mine), donated crap arties and crap stuff I started collecting after spring cleaning was announced.
    Bought both crystalline and inquisitors 1,5 years ago for my rebuilded character.
    The gold i got from monsters, and selling stuff like rubble, crimsons, arties and so on, those items i got myself from event and monsters)

    Ban will be explained with following authomated response from EA_Mythic customer support:

    Discussion Thread
    Response (EA Rep Otlan)
    08/06/2008 05:31 AM

    Thank you for contacting Ultima Online Support.

    I am very sorry to hear of your account being terminated. However, you were found to be in possession of a multitude of highly illegal items in Ultima Online. Due to the severe nature of this ToS violation, your account was terminated. Sufficient evidence was verified to justify this termination.

    Please be advised, we cannot give specific detailed information as to what items were in possession but be assured that we have fully investigated each case separately and found your account to be in violation.

    The action taken against your account was just and will stand. If you would like to see any changes made to our Rules and Policies, please feel free to submit feedback via the UO Herald by visiting

    Any further replies regarding this subject will not be acknowledged.

    Thank you and take care.

    EARep Otlan
    Player Relations
    Electronic Arts

    Mind the fact that EA cannot give specific detailed information on my illegal items, which were fully investigated in each case separately. Did they investigate? Not sure after this answer.
  12. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    Yea...I agree, I dont mind the swearing and stuff like that. But thats taking it too far. If thats not considered harassment, what is???:coco:
  13. Lady_Mina

    Lady_Mina Guest

    Can we have regular horses in a pen?

    (just for deco)
  14. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    True it is not funny but it should not be bannable. I mean it is not even considered a vulgar word. Killing is worse than **** and yet in game we can say it in many different ways and do it to. I really don't understand how saying **** is a bannable offense.
  15. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    This thread is now locked since the request for editing the R-Word has not been read.

    The R-Word is not acceptable on our forums either. Further use will result in warnings, infractions, or bans.

    Thank you.
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