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List of Threads of Life and Fate

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Rand al'Thor DR, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Threads have been started before and discussed, but I found another fate thread that wasn't on the last list. I now have 20 Life and 11 Fate. Is this a full list or does anyone else have another one? Seems to be a bit off for some reason. I keep my list in alphabetical order to find mistakes. Also did I copy the treads right? Any errors. Thank you.

    UO Threads of Life and Fate sayings

    Threads of Life:
    1. "A jumble of thoughts tumble chaotically through, but at last the confusion passes."
    2. "For a brief moment you are able to believe something as someone else does, yet it doesn't last."
    3. "For a fleeting moment you walk along the edge of a dream, sharing in the experience."
    4. "The sights, smells and sounds are long gone, but you can still feel them as though it just happened."
    5. "Vivid images fill your mind, and unfamiliar thoughts struggle to give them meaning"
    6. "You are born."
    7. "You are imprisoned."
    8. "You begin working."
    9. "You die"
    10. "You face a dark wood with two paths, and finally choose the one you wish to travel."
    12. "You fight."
    13. "You find a lover."
    14. "You have a child."
    15. "You make a new friend."
    16. "You marry."
    17. "You protect something"
    18. "You take a moment to reflect upon the past, and find it leads you to a solution for the present"
    19. "You're blinded by bursts of color, and reality seems to bend around you."
    20. "You're faced by an unfamiliar problem, but experience has given you the tools to forge ahead."

    Threads of Fate:
    1. "A feeling of euphoria envelopes you: something new, something wonderful, something undiscovered!"
    2. "Clarity leads you to an insightful thought, and you find yourself pleased with your rationale."
    3. "Despair and sorrow sink to the depths of your soul: a precious thing was lost."
    4. "Fear rises from the pit of your stomach; you flee, you flee without hesitation."
    5. "Feelings of warmth and appreciation wash over you: you've gained something."
    6. "For one pure moment absolute joy overwhelms you; you've never felt happier."
    7. "Indescribable feelings flow through you; your love is returned by another."
    8. "Passion dances with lust, you know what you want."
    9. "Peace comforts you; the hand of fate gives way to your hope."
    10. "Regret and remorse fall away at long last: you feel forgiven"
    11. "The coldness bursts into flame: for a moment your hatred knows no bounds."
  2. Can anyone confirm that this is a good list? I am trying to get a full set. Am I missing some? Are there some on there and no one has seen? Seems a little funny to have 20 Life and 11 Fate.
  3. Wastelands

    Wastelands Guest

    didnt even know they say stuff lol ill check mine out, i got 80 or so before i quit going to glow.

    *confused how do i get them to say something?*
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nicely done. I ended up stopping at 20/9, and apparently you found 2 more fate than I did.

    20/11, then. Does seem a little odd.
  5. TirNaNog

    TirNaNog Guest

    I have the same list, but it's 19 and 11.. you have the "Clarity leads you.. " one listed as both a Thread of Life and Fate. Unless you found both types with the same phrase, which would be interesting.
  6. Wastelands

    Wastelands Guest

    Once again, How do you see the darn messages? im clicking on them throwing them on npcs, nadda.!
  7. TirNaNog

    TirNaNog Guest

    You need 80 or higher spirit speak to hear them.
  8. Wastelands

    Wastelands Guest

    Out of 62 threads of, i had nothing you didnt have already listed.
  9. Ah HA!
    Nicely done Tir! I didn't notice that I had it listed twice. I checked and I had a Life one in the Fate box. So I have 20/10 now. You might want to check all of yours again to see if you have a Life in you Fate box, since you have 19/11 and I have 20/10.
    Thank you.