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Llama Story Telling

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by MoEntreri, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. MoEntreri

    MoEntreri Guest

    Due to the fact that my story was too long and the Ralph called time on me twice. I decided to share my story with everyone. (My items where saw and ingot)

    *Bathalas the Llama Tooth Fairy"
    Bathalas was once the best animal tamer of all Britain,
    One day while cleaning the stables he notice a ingot.
    dazzled by the ingot he decided to keep it for himself.
    But little did Bathalas know the ingot was cursed.
    As soon as he picked up the ingot
    Bathalas instantly feels his entire
    body shiver and start to change its form.
    Help!", screamed Bathalas but it was too late.
    *Poof* Appearing suddenly out of nowhere.
    An elf with bright red eyes was now hovering above him.
    "Bathalas you have failed the test of greed.
    Now in order for you to return to normal you must find the saw" ,giggled the elf.
    "You have one day" the elf laughed until your whole body becomes a llama.
    As instantly as the elf appeared he disappeared. Bathalas has searched
    the whole town but no one knew the whereabout of the saw.
    The curse has already begun, Bathalas had already acquired a tail.
    Scared to death of the unknown curse
    Bathalas goes on a drinking binge at the Cat's Lair.
    Later that night, Bathalas stumbles onto the hard dark streets
    of Britain after being thrown out of The Cat's Lair.
    Troubled by his dilemma, Bathala was epicly seeking oblivion
    the only way he knew how by constantly drinking even on the street.
    As he was slipping into a slumber he notice a wisp.
    "Bathalas you poor fool. I can help you but you must promise me
    two things." sang the wisp. Bathalas looks up in his drunk
    and stuper. "What, What!, What must I do!," yelled Bathalas
    as he reached for the wisp.
    "The saw you are looking for belongs to the llama king
    In order for you to acquire this item u must serve his highness
    for 5 years in llama form, but you will return to normal after
    your service is done. Do accept the first term.
    "Yes!, he screamed.
    The second term is to become the Llama Tooth Fairy.
    Do you accept?" grinned the wisp.
    "Yes!, Bathalas
    "Then behold! Your trueself!" the wisp stated as
    bright light surround Bathalas. *Poof*
    Bathalas now standing on all four and wagging his tail.
    "Come Bathalas. Come to Llama land!"
    "Vas Re Por"said the wisp and a magical gate suddenly appears
    "Welcome my friend to a new beginning."sang the wisp as
    it and Bathalas stepped through the gate.
    Thus began the legend of the mysterious Llama Tooth Fairy.
    *The End*

    hope you enjoy