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LOL I punished a pk for trying to pk me while I was taming dragons

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imported_Sarphus, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Ok... I realize tamer characters can be built to be effective in pvp, but this isn't a story like that.

    When I'm farming dragons, I run a provoke tamer with magery, no med and no eval. It's a 6x template, so mana is scarce and I can't easily get spells off when pvp characters attack me. Under no circumstances should I be pvping on this template.

    So anyway... I was in destard and had 2 greaters provoked together. I was on foot with my cu beating on the dragons to speed up the fight. This blue archer zipped up beside me (speed hack btw) and started attacking me. I responded by hopping on my cu and running away. He was able to easily keep up with me while shooting me with arrows, which was a bad thing, but I was able to time heals to keep myself alive.

    I lured this char of his over by some dragons and provoked one on him. I then healed up and used the dragon as a shield. Eventually he sped in (yes, using speed hack... skipping all over the place) and met the wrong dragon damage combined with my poison and mind blast... my only offensive spells. That killed him... then a dragon killed me lol

    I went back to my dragon farming and the pk came back to pester me on a necro/mage. I died to a dragon initially. A guildmate of mine came to assist, but I think he died to a dragon. At some point the pk was bobbing and weaving through dragons with me until he made the fatal error of letting me turtle in with 2 greater dragons. I provoked one on him, he ran away, so I just hid. He zipped back to attack me some more, so I provoked the other on him... he zipped off... I just stood there... the dragons were both on him, but just standing there because he ran off so fast that the dragons didn't know what to do. This time when he came back in to combo me, I interrupted him with a poison followed by a mind blast as he was charging in to the dragon, which were both on him at this point. SURPRISE! He became the dinner for those dragons, which was really funny because there's absolutely no reason I should have won that confrontation.

    I know some people would whine about how powerful tamers are... I didn't use my pets at all. I used provoke, mindblast, poison, cure, invis and heal... that's it. I'm sure this guy whines about tamers on the boards, but the reality is that he's just not good around monsters.

    All told on the night, I died more than I killed, but he wouldn't go back in the dungeon anymore. The fact that I killed him at all was a win in my book.
  2. Very Nice !

    Strategy and Guile always win those ' click and point ' FPS cheaters on Gummi Berry Juice. You may die some but it is always so sweet to floor them once or twice.

    You should open a bottle or two of the vintage pink champagne to celebrate !
  3. It reminds me of animal planet when a crocodile tries to take down a zebra and the zebra kicks the crocodile and breaks its jaw.

    If I'm on that tamer, I'm the prey...
  4. <blockquote><hr>

    I'm sure this guy whines about tamers on the boards, but the reality is that he's just not good around monsters.

    [/ QUOTE ]Great story, but this quote reminded me of a funny story in another MMO. In "Star Wars Galaxies" the DEVs have reciently added some high end combat content known as 'instances' where a large battle takes place ending with a boss. Anyway, the DEVs have been keeping an eye on the instance completions and noticed one server had not completed ANY of the instances. When a DEV posted a comment on the forums about the server he was bombarded with posts meantioning "Were PvPers, not PvEers!" as a base arguement.

    I honestly couldn't understand why this was brought up as an arguement in a game like SWG. In the free formed skill system of UO I can understand Templates being designed souly for PvP, but in SWG there's not much of a difference between a PvP or PvE template. One setup is just as viable as the other in either circumstance other than regarding the use of the "Beast Mastery" expertise and the type, level and viability of the pet they control.

    Guess when you've seen one '1337' PvPer you've seen them all. [​IMG]
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Very Nice !

    Strategy and Guile always win those ' click and point ' FPS cheaters on Gummi Berry Juice. You may die some but it is always so sweet to floor them once or twice.

    You should open a bottle or two of the vintage pink champagne to celebrate !

    [/ QUOTE ]
    <center>"Got a lil' capt'n in you?"

  6. the guy actually switched to his tamer to go tame a new dragon...

    I think he clearly demonstrated to me that he doesn't know much about creatures and the combat system by that decision. I'm sure he thinks that when he tames a new dragon it will hit as hard as the wild ones...

    It took 2 wild dragons to kill him and he wasn't even a good pvper. He won't be any better on a tamer... might be a little worse.
  7. NinjaClaw

    NinjaClaw Guest

    You can only provoke monsters onto players in felucca. hehe bard pvp. lol =P

    By the way what are those dragon eggs in your profile Flutter?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh that's just class! *takes hat off and bows*

    I still remember provoing some teras on reds inside tera keep fel when I was mare taming... Cue Benny Hill music, lots of running and an untimely death. Still a damn fun way to fight other players though [​IMG]

  9. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Nice job. [​IMG]
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In the open field, or at Yew Gate, I think tamers will continue to be a problem. In a pit of dragons, I think the tamer or bard should always have the advantage [​IMG]. Makes sense, no? That's like, home court advantage ;P. Then again, most true tamers would not consider the problem tamers real tamers (bokuto bushido hiryu or cu sidhe gimps, or the forthcoming ninjitsu dismount super dragons). I would never consider a mage of any sort a tamer gimp, because a tamer mage is like a staple of UO. Whenever the game allows a player to have a template with a weapon skill, specials, a mounted pet requiring at least 90 taming, and magic resist, however, that extension of a player's arm is way too unfair, in my opinion. As long as a gimp does not have magic resist, or, in the case of the proposed ninjitsu templates, as long as the inability to use weapon specials might disrupt the defensive capabilities of an on-foot gimp, I think tamers as a whole will be safe from an entire nerf, and I hope this is the case. But everything has a weakness [​IMG]. For example, a mage, like an archer, must stop and stand still at some point; although, moving shot can do a lot of damage on the run :O. Fun story [​IMG]. I can imagine the carnage we will face in Fel come Thursday night, and into the weekend.
  11. You're talking about pvp templates... Yes, you could build a pvp provoker, but you'd basically have to stay in destard all the time.

    I'm talking about a total trammie build... no resist... no eval... no med...

    I used provoke, mind blast and poison because those were the ONLY offensive options I had... I would have loved to spell combo him, but that would have been silly with no eval. I would have loved to gimp dismount him and sick my pet on him, but I was in the middle of a bunch of dragons and don't have a weapon skill or bolas... no dismount.

    My character was rigged exclusively for PvM. I like fighting pks on pvm chars, though... it's exciting.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I know, point I am trying to make is why people should complain about tamers in PvP, when it comes to certain types of tamers. And as I noted, as you did in a post prior, I believe, true tamers do not often recognize the gimp tamers as such. That's all. Nothing against a mage tamer or a mage bard, hehe. Not a knock at your story, I apologize if you read it as such :/.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Love your story, Sarphus! Reminds me very much why I had provo on Nico when she was a tamer and why, too, I used to release the Terra Keep balron whenever there was unfriendly company during my mare taming days! [​IMG]

    @ G.V.P. Gimplates give tamers and taming a bad name. Once again, non-gimplate tamers suffer the brunt of those who are using taming as this month's gimplate du jour.

    While I seldom go looking for a fight, I enjoy it when one finds me. I do actively champ and defend champ spawns with a number of chars, amongst them is my own tame/lore/vet/mage/med/eval/resist tamer.

    Sure, it's a cramped template and as much as I'd love far more magic resist skill than I currently have, I am as gimped as I can comfortably be (Tome Knowledge = +15 Magery) without feeling completely hypocritical about my loathing of all +skill items.

    My Siege tamer has rudimentary resist and defensive hiding skill (50) - no stealth, no ninjitsu. I said it on UHall and I'll say it again here:- In much the same way I run a straight scribe mage rather than a necro or weapon mage for pvp, my own personal choice is not to run a ninja or dismount-archer gimplate, however, that does not indicate any inability on my part to run such gimplates. It's simply a personal choice.

    I can't &amp; don't expect others to follow my own personal code of ethics. It's just that any "win" would be cheapened beyond enjoyment for me if I had to rely on cheap game mechanics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Go on! Click my eggs!
  14. Is that the new Golem ?

    I recognise the plant in the background : Tie Kuan Yin (Iron Buddha)
  15. It's cool [​IMG]

    I'm not against the use of gimplates because I the gimplate aspect of UO is creative and interesting. I don't use most of them (including the tamer ones), but I don't care that other people do and I don't complain if someone uses one to kill me. Actually, I think a mage tamer with 2 bakes can be quite devastating becase the bakes can pretty much fend for themselves, which allows you to focus on combo-killing individual targets. I realize it's not nearly as gimp or as effective at plinking off individual targets, but it's pretty strong in a group fight. That being said, I don't go out of my way to find pvp fights. Usually when I'm pvping I'm on a non-pvp character and the pvp came to me.

    What I do have a problem with are the players that get killed by a gimplate and then cry for the devs to nerf something that's balanced in order to fix a broken game mechanic (which doesn't fix the broken game mechanic, but does ruin something). Specifically, I get annoyed by the people who get killed by a gimplate tamer and then say "The pet is too powerful!!! Devs you must nerf it!". I've never met a pet I couldn't kill... haven't tried killing this dragon yet, but I'll start killing them when I start seeing them in the mainstream pvp.

    The way to fix these issues is to fix the mechanics that allow one player to prevent the other player from having any option to defend himself.

    oop... I've been on that soapbox before. I'm sure you've all heard that speech already.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Alright :p

    But if we can argue over nerve strike alone, I think there is no question it is still an overpowered special. And that starts with a fix to bushido, and might be better for another thread, in another forum ;P. If I'm alone in this argument, I'll just agree to disagree [​IMG]
  17. acutally, I think I'd agree with you on that lol

    There's nothing lamer than some guy running up to you, stunning you in place and dismount/all killing a high end pet on you.
  18. That's why it will never end.... spotlight's on ninja stealth tamers now. Tomorrow, it will be Nerf Strike Hiryu Riders. After that it will be another pet or combo. Some of them psychos have insane demands and probably live to complain as their own lives so miserable. They can never be satisfied.

    Let me give you an example of a campaign against the new Dragon. If you run a tank tamer (parry, magic resist, spellweaving) with a new dragon in close quarters dungeons like Deceit, Shame, Covetous, it becomes very very powerful. Try defending that claim when they go for nerfing the new dragons after they are done with the ninjas and hiryus.

    Even the word BALANCED PvP means different to people. My take on this is although tamers have potential high burst offensive damage, their defensive is pretty low ( no magic resist, parry, bandaiding self ).

    Restricting templates and skill combinations makes the game boring. As long as a particular template is beatable (50 : 50 chance at an encounter), it's ok for PvP. I think the presence of PvP Tamers ingame is great becauses it raises up the value of PvP Bards in Felucca. Stealthers means a Rogue Tracker Detector becomes valuable. It promotes a variety of templates in Fel and actually makes encounters more interesting.

    I have seen some of the Purely PvM Tamers replying to threads and wishing to distance themselves from the gimpy PvP Tamers. If you don't play a PvP Tamer, you are unlikely to experience the fun, difficulties and challenges of one. As tamers, you know it's never as easy as 'All Kill' . Especially against real humans as opposed to a repetitive AI. I have tested out the claims of the whiners and it's not all true. It takes a lot of practise and preparation to be a mildy successful ninja stealth tamer. You can't run around naked, pop up and just say 'All Kill'. All reds will always kill a known tamer first. Once you get revealed, they will put you as first priority. Without Magic Resist, all curses, poison spells will hit you 100%.

    Some of them complainers aren't even paying an UO subscription and they are stuck in the 'Mages 5' Dueling aspects of days long gone.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There's always a difference between justifiable complaint and simple whining. I've always been a fel girl and I don't remember ever not hearing the line "PvP is not PvP + pet" tagged on an arguement about whether tamers should PvP. I've never been bad mouthed for killing with my pets, but I know there are lines I won't cross in my behaviour. PvPers have always had codes that go along the lines of "yeah it's efficient, but it's still a lame way to kill". The fewer lines you cross, the more respect you get and there's a chance you'll get a res afterwards [​IMG]

    Tamers shouldn't be nerfed out of PvP, but PvP as a tamer should require a bit of tactics and skill, rather than dropping pets on someone. My bard set kits on someone in self defence once. She'd taken out the pets belonging to a gimpy GZ hugger. Now I'm sorry, but a char with no eval, no resist and very little practice, should not have caused the trouble she did lol. No pet balls either. I just whispered a kill command when a chump came close for attack.

    But my views about what is good tamer PvP are based on my experiences of it. It's more fun the harder you work for it. Now if someone plays dirty with me, then I won't play so nice, but I was taught by PvPers who behaved with honour 100% of the time. You don't need to play dirty to be good.