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[LoL News] Champion and Skin Sale: Murder at Vayne Manor

Discussion in 'LoL News' started by Adiados, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Ladies. Gentlemen. Damnable fools. Not a soul leaves stately Vayne Manor until I reveal the uncouth ruffian amongst us who dares to ruin my night.

    There has been a murder.

    Here’s what I know: one casualty, third floor parlor. Our victim – a very wealthy benefactor of the Veteran Summoners Foundation, poised to donate a hefty sum. And one of you killed him. My maid Nidalee is, at this very moment, cleaning up the mess so that no further party-goers are alarmed. You champions are dangerously close to being debased and forever uninvited from these privileged events. Shall we peel back the shadows and ascertain our culprit?

    • As a Noxian assassin, you’d imagine Katarina would be our prime suspect. She insists that she’s only here to chat with the upper crust, and I haven’t seen her leave the foyer near the concert hall. 487 RP.
    • After inspecting the body, there was no evidence of void energy or caustic spittle, ruling out Kog’Maw as a suspect. We must remove him from the buffet, however. 487 RP.
    • Puncture wounds perforate the body, but Graves’ shotgun, Destiny, doesn’t make holes like these. You’d notice powder burns on the tattered cloth and scorches on the skin. Outlaw, maybe, but I trust him within these walls. 487 RP.


    • Sabretusk Sejuani is relegated to the downstairs parlors for I won’t have that boar tracking mud on my new carpet. Perhaps she could get a smaller breed of pig to hold while at my events? 487 RP.
    • The body was discovered on the third floor, an off-limits area for children like Demolisher Nunu. Willump, however, cleaned out the liquor cabinets. 487 RP.
    • Abyssal Nautilus spent most of the party staring into my impressive tank of saltwater fish and searching for the bathroom. There are 73 bathrooms in this manor; how he could not find one escapes me. 487 RP.


    These champions and skins shall stay off the hook and on sale from October 2 to October 5. I will not rest until the killer lies riddled with silver bolts. But if none of these champions is the real killer, then…

    …who is?

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