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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: Paying Family Dues

Discussion in 'LoL News' started by Adiados, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Shhh! Quiet! You there: are you trying to get us caught?! Someone is out there, lurking in the forest beyond this cave. How grating it was to take orders from a sniveling, cowardly rat who skulks in the shadows, but since I betrayed his little mob family, Gangster Twitch seeks my head. It does not help matters that before I escaped, Miss Fortune told me that he secretly covets my scarlet cravat.

    Wait this out with me awhile; I have a feeling you can lead his goons away from me if you choose.

    • Or just take me with you. Your wages cannot be worse than the rat’s. I would be willing to follow you for a fair price. Is Mafia Graves’ loyalty worth, say, 487 RP to you?


    Wait! There: do you see? The underbrush rustles. My caution is justified.

    • This assailant is clad in camouflage, surely seeking the bounty Twitch has issued. Commando Xin Zhao is too dangerous to duel alone. Lead him astray for a mere 260 RP.
    • This frigid night cannot mask the chill of a dark presence nearby. I sense Overlord Malzahar’s presence. You will have to offer a higher bribe if I am going to avoid the visions of this Void-scarred seer. Try 487 RP.


    • The moon is high overhead. Dawn is not far off. But I hear Zyra whispering to the night-blooming jasmine outside the cave. Quickly, hide 487 RP in the bushes. That should get rid of her before they tell her my hiding place.
    • We are almost free. And what is this? Lee Sin, the monk? You send a blind man to find a Mafia enforcer? Twitch must be growing desperate. If you cannot convince the martial arts master to leave by your words, I’m sure 487 RP will assure him I’m not around.
    • The sun! Ha! The rat gives up too easily…wait. What is that thundering sound? Damn! I can’t run from Rammus; his stun stops me in my tracks, and I won’t suffer his taunts. Will you distract him for 345 RP?


    No matter. Stand here. If he can’t get past you, I’ll have from November 9 until November 12 to get away from Twitch. Then I can start planning my own little surprise for that overgrown weasel.

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