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[LoL News] Help Ezreal Defend the Future With This Sale

Discussion in 'LoL News' started by Adiados, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Summoners, you must listen to me. I’ve come from a tumultuous time filled with creatures and technology the likes of which you’ve never seen! I only return now to help safeguard our world against the terrors of an uncertain future.

    *** Ezreal, my calculations show that our temporal jump only occurred because you misclicked on the … ***

    Computer! Now is not the time for diagnostic…

    *** Do you know how many diagnostics I had to run after that jump? If only you allowed me to access one of the many maps in my database… ***

    I’m starting to think returning to the past might not have been the wisest move…

    *** Ezreal, we can augment champions during this time to protect Valoran in the future. If you listen to my advice this time, I won’t reveal your bookmarks from my onboard Pulsefire web browser. ***

    I’m never living this down! Let’s see which of these champions we can outfit with some upgrades to save Valoran from its terrible fate!

    • Ugh, Noxians. I hate Noxians. Darius might not be… agreeable… to me, but believe it – the future’s worse. 487 RP
    • Urgot might take some work. Zaunites use a different type of outlet than my thermal reactor’s fusion core. Does anyone have an adapter? 487 RP
    • I brought Jax into the armory and he refuses to select a real weapon! Who knew you could do so much damage with a Pulsefire can opener? 292 RP


    • Royal Guard Fiora is being sized up for tech upgrades, but there isn’t a generator now or in the future large enough to power a Pulsefire hat that big. 487 RP
    • The Demacian Military has expressed interest in my hyper-advanced technology, so they’ve sent Imperial Xin Zhao to assess the situation. I’ll see what I can do for Mr. Pulsefire Ponytail. 260 RP
    • If we’re going to defend Valoran against the grimmest, darkest future, we’ll need Commando Galio to provide rock-solid defense! The last place he belongs is in a museum. 487 RP


    You’ve only got from August 28 to August 31 to access the armory and these discounts before the homing matrix kicks in and it’s back to the future for me! Computer, prime the Pulsefire Cannon. Gotta be ready for anything.

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