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[LoL News] Summer Fun with Pool Party Ziggs and AstroNautilus

Discussion in 'LoL News' started by Adiados, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
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    The enormous talent of the League of Legends community shines through in all of the awesome fan creations, songs, and art that you send us every day. Sometimes, a community member puts forth an idea that excites players and inspires a reality. In MaTTcom’s case, it was two fully-realized skin splash arts that got the community jazzed - Pool Party Ziggs and AstroNautilus. These two skins are indicative of the power and creativity of our community and now they’re ready for some end-of-summer fun.


    Pool Party Ziggs

    When you’ve got to cool down from a long day at the hexsplosives factory, take a dip into the deep end with Pool Party Ziggs. This weekend warrior’s got everything he needs for a fun-filled day of summer sun and massive damage. Ziggs sports all the necessary pool equipment: an inflatable ducky inner tube, goggles, a bathing cap, snorkel, and flipper fins. The real danger, however, lies in Ziggs’ arsenal of drench-worthy water bombs that replace his trusty hexsplosives, annihilating enemies with a pop-and-a-splash. Everyone out of the pool – it’s yordle swim only when Pool Party Ziggs has his way.



    Why send a rover to distant worlds when AstroNautilus has suited up for zero-gravity summer fun? The Titan of the Deeps has launched into outer space with a heavy-duty space suit, space anchor, and a protective solar visor that opens and closes when you activate Titan’s Wrath. Since he’s still getting used to the gravity back on Valoran, AstroNautilus will spend some time floating weightless after each step.

    Don’t forget: in space, no one can hear you gank.

    Both of these skins are available now in the League of Legends Store.


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