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LOL Oops.

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by andy1796, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. andy1796

    andy1796 Guest

    Yesterday I got banned because I said Freaking ****** Cog. lol. I should be able to get back on in about 2 minutes, though. It was annoying with them dodging that day tho.
  2. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Lots of things you can say out loud can't be put in writing. People have been reported for using that word, because some can be offended by it if they have family members affected by any form of retardation.
  3. Yeah - Retarted is a word that does not like - so its best not to say it.
  4. andy1796

    andy1796 Guest

    I know, it just slipped out. I'm gonna stop saying that stuff on tt now.
  5. if you need to know about suspensions, come to me. I think I might still hold the record at a whopping total of 8! LOL! But I've been a good toon and not been suspended in almost 8 months! Yay me!

    What's funny is that I've never said anything offensive or cussed. It's just stupid stuff. Usually happens when I'm using a messenger program at the same time and forget i'm typing in TT not an IM! DOH!
  6. Pinky also holds the record of most suspensions sustained in a row with less than 24 hours play time in between!! rolleyes:
  7. ooo i have you beat at 11 times :D

    Ive cussed a few times, usally it was because i said my space, lol.
  8. Also watch out for short words as well like TARD. I also got banned for saying here comes a beaner about a Bean counter. Bad call I know. I am sticking with my 2 suspensions so far.

    I did dodge a bullet last week when I tried to type ADD to my wife and hit the S instead of the D. I sweated bullets all the next day at work cause I was supposed to help Crazy Fireball Max law that night. LOL it made it thru the filters. Yay Me too.
  9. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I think I've been suspended twice. Once when I said the word America to Chanty. They said it was personal info. Like anyone can find me if I say I'm in America. I can't remember the reason for the other time. The other day I thought I was going to be suspended because of the word shower. I was in a building with Sean and told him I had to leave after the building to get shower and go out for the night. He kept saying whatever I was saying wasn't showing. Well I figured it out as the bad word being shower. I had a friend that got suspended for saying she had to shower and go to the dentist. She got suspended for 3 days because of it. I thought I was in for after saying that but I wasn't.
  10. I humbly give up my throne to you! LOL But I think it was three in a row susan...LOL!
  11. heheh you got threee in a row?

    is that possible? :gun:
  12. I have three accounts. LOL! got suspension on each one, one after another....wait, Guiness Book of Records on the phone...BRB!
  13. LMAO!

    My friend has us both beat - she lost two accounts - 24 bans o_O
  14. I'm pretty sure the 3 in a row was when we were trying to max sell and cash. You kept getting Pinky suspended and was before you had 2 accounts (you ran with Kaela's toon while Pinky was indisposed). I almost had to put off maxing because Pinky couldnt stay out of jail long enough to do a mint or factory!! She got out of jail, we played a while and took a break, and she couldnt get back on!!! It was really quite humorous!! As it was we were in the mint 15 mins before my max run trying to finish your bucks!! Ahh the good ole days before Skype saved you!! LOLrolleyes:
  15. HAHA! Lol i m so glad that i found yahoo and skype- i keep getting suspeneded! :lick:
  16. Oh Mah Gawd! It's all coming back and I'm rofl remembering it all. Yes TY TY TY Mr. Skyppe for allowing me the opportunity to prolong my good standings in TT society! LOL!