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[LoL Stratics] [LoL News] Rioters Digest 5/9/2012

Discussion in 'LoL News' started by Adiados, May 10, 2012.

  1. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
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    Welcome to the Rioters Digest, bringing you the best bite-sized highlights from around the forums!
    Who is the best player at Riot?
    We’re kicking off the Digest this week with a big question from the fantastically named Raging Donkey. In lieu of reaching for sugar lumps this lol loving equine with anger issues asks just who is the best player at Riot?
    Varus’ CC Capability.
    Xypherous shoots across some thoughts on the utility Varus brings to a team. There’s a lot of good information to be found throughout the thread about the thoughts behind designing an AD carry, and it makes for a great read.
    What does the future hold for Riven?
    Riven is a strong champion, she’s tough as nails, and has a lot of fans. There’s a lot of awesome information in this thread on how Xypherous views her place, and answers some of the questions those fans have about potential changes to her.
    One Skin, Two Questions
    A lot of players have noticed Varus released with his Blight Crystal Skin, but not a second. What happened to it, and will this happen for future releases? Morello steps in to answer, explaining that as our quality improves so does the time required to keep up improvements on that quality.
    Toggles for Teemo?
    We’ve all been there, sat beneath a tower popping opponents in the face with Teemo auto attacks and deftly dodging out of tower range, only to step back too soon and hear the enemy /laugh as our beloved yordle gets burned to a crisp because we forgot about poison. Phreak gives hope to impatient, rapid clicking yordle fans everywhere by taking the idea of placing a toggle on Teemo’s E to the design team.
    Varus only has 1 starting skin?
    Morello (Lead Champion Designer):
    We’re trying doing some single-skin releases so we can take a little longer on each skin. Since the expectation (rightfully so) has gone up on launch skin quality, we’d rather make sure we meet that bar than have two.
    Not sure if this will stay this way or if we’ll find something clever to help us do both, but we wanted to give this a whirl
    Why does Varus have a team wide CC ultimate?
    Xypherous (Associate Technical Designer):
    I agree that potentially there may be an issue here – but we’ve had a long standing tradition of utility carries like Ashe and Caitlyn having hard CC that hasn’t proven otherwise to be problematic.
    Caitlyn’s CC is the definition of chain hard CC.
    While the spreading and the AoE nature of it may be problematic – I think Varus has sufficient counterplay built-in such that it won’t be a problem and we can explore the utility carry space some more with him.
    Additionally, Varus’ can’t quite lockdown with his chain CC due to the spreading nature and reduced effect – it tends to not be able to lock down an entire team just due to its spread profile.
    That said – I agree, potentially scary but I think potentially scary things are fun to have in the game if they can be balanced and not frustrated.
    With Varus now hunting Noxians on the Fields of Justice we’d love to hear whether you agree with Xypherous here. How does the balance between damage and the CC feel to you? Is the potential for that perfectly placed Ultimate fun, or does it feel dangerous?
    That’s all for today, we’ll be back soon with an all new Rioters Digest! Remember, you can check out all the previous Digests here!

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