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Lone's SnR FAQ [updated 04/02/02]

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Lonegamer, Apr 11, 2001.

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  1. Lonegamer

    Lonegamer Guest

    This is the SnR FAQ. If there is anything that you feel should be added, PM me and I'll add it.

    First off, some basic forum slang.
    FAQ- Stands for Frequently Asked Questions.
    OT- Stands for Off Topic, is used in the thread title to let people know the thread is not about Ultima Online.
    PM- Stands for Private Message.
    Mod- Short for moderator
    troll- a post that is written to get negative replies from people. Also the word for someone who writes trolls.
    Flame- a personal attack (insult).
    Spam- posting a massive number of posts within a short time period, or an excessive number of posts with little to no content.

    Now for the real FAQ content:

    Why did my thread get locked? I didn't do anything wrong in it!
    Maybe you didn't and maybe it was a good idea for a thread, but the actions of other people can get threads locked. If your thread gets locked, don't take it as a mod hating you. OFF TOPIC THREADS ARE PERMITTED, AS LONG AS THEY PROMOTE DISCUSSION. THREADS SUCH AS "WHAT I HAD FOR BREAKFAST" OR "I LIKE ORANGE SODA" WILL BE LOCKED IMEDIATLY. if there are too many threads that do not contribute to discussion on the forum, then off topic threads will be banned.

    Can I post about choo choo trains, what I had for breakfast, and all those other mindless things in existing threads? How about replying to a debate without acctually reading more than a quarter of the first post?
    Because it seems that it wasn't stressed enough above, THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!! Failure to do so results in irritated posters, mods that are even more irritated, warnings, and in bad cases bannings.

    Not everyone is agreeing with my opinion, some people are even arguing it with large spiels!! HELP ME!!!
    If you can't handle being wrong once in a while I'd suggest going to another forum, because your opinions will be challenged by those who do not agree with them here. We call it discussion and debate.

    Can you change my title?
    No. You earn them by posting. Keep in mind that spamming will result in banning though. Earn your title through legitimate posts.

    Can I have a shield next to my name like yours?
    Do GMs give you red robes if you ask them? Go page one and find out.

    Why do you have a shield next to your name anyways?
    Because I am a moderator. All moderators get the little M shields, I believe they're to help us deflect flames.

    There is this giant thread that is very offensive on *insert name of forum here*, can you go do something about it?
    Only if I moderate the forum. Moderators are only given privilages to certain forums. If there is a problem, go to the offending thread and click on the 'notify moderator' button under a post. It will notify all of the mods of the forum of the problem and hopefully will be solved quickly.
    We WILL, however, try to get a moderator for the forum or an admin ASAP if it is a very serious situation (such as graphic porn being spammed)

    What exactly is this RoC thing?
    It is short for Rules of Conduct and can be viewed here
    These are the rules that all of the moderators work by. It is the basis for our actions. The rules are a little more bending here in the SnR, but that doesn't mean you can post whatever you feel!

    Can I have a cookie?
    If you are a good poster, then I'll consider giving you one.

    Lone, what the HECK is ramune?? I see you talk about it all the time, and have NO clue what it is!!
    It is a blue Japanese soda that tastes very good. It has a flavour that is hard to describe, mayby fruit like flavour. There is no alchohal in it (yes, I have been asked this), but after drinking a bottle, i find that it lifts my spirits and gives me something I call a "ramune high".

    Hey! What's up with the off topic threads in this forum?
    In this forum, it has been decided that the amount of off topic (more commonly known as OT) threads will be limited if we feel too much non-productive stuff is being posted. YOU CAN POST OT THINGS IN THE UHallOT FORUM

    This is all I can think of for now. I'll probably add onto this if i think of anything.
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