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Lookin' for some info and a guild on Atlantic

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Ravahan, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Ravahan

    Ravahan Guest

    I'm quite new to Factions, and have been learning a bit as I go. I joined up with Minax sort of on a whim after a discussion with this one fellow in tram destard where I found out they fixed the no negative actions in trammel thing, and was going to join his guild but haven't been able to catch him. As its been about a week, I'm figuring I'm just not going to and if I do it'll be a headache in communication anyway.

    What I'm looking for is some info on the lore of the various factions. Am I able to join multiple factions on the same account? For instance, if I put on character in Minax could I stick another character in Shadow Lords or TB? I have a few characters I'd like to take the dive with, but they all have their individual "feel" for me, and I'd like em' to go where I think they would.

    Where do faction folk hang out? I assume someone, somewhere, is trying to take a town and that sounds like a blast.. but how do I get in on it? I've never really gotten huge into PvP, though I've found it to be extremely fun if organized and that's what appeals to me about Faction PvP-- The sort of Capture the Flag (or, sigil) type goal, rather than owning this or that fellow at Yew gate.

    Finally, for the purposes of deciding what to spend gold on and what to save silver for, how difficult is it to get to the various faction ranks? Is there a way you can check what numerical rank you are (rather than the titles, which seem to range through several)? Also on the subject of titles, a guy that joined up at the same time as me, and has earned 0 kill points, is an Executioner while I am still a Defiler. I think we've both tossed in a similar amount of silver... Am I missing something? (I /do/ intend to actually PvP for my ranks, but I don't want to do the mindless Yew crap).
  2. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You can only be in one faction per account, but you can put multiple chars from that account in factions (its not limited to one per account). If you have multiple accounts, then you can put the other accounts in another faction.

    Here is the UO link to see the faction guild rankings for Atlantic http://town.uo.com/factions/factions_0.html

    There are 3 ways to gain points. Kill someone in a different faction (points vary depending on how many points they have, what faction they are in, and if they were recently killed by you or someone else in factions), steal sigils (10 points per sigil), or have someone donate points to your char. Faction rank is based on percentage of kill points, so point requirements can change on a daily basis depending on your factions kill points. Someone that is active in Atlantic factions can probably give you a rough idea of points needed to be at the various ranks.