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Looking for a Good Home

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Azureal, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Azureal

    Azureal Guest

    "Trammie" Scribe with an urge to hunt Peerless, try Doom and see the more dangerous parts of Britannia and surrounds seeks the company of a guild looking to do the same.

    Seriously though, I realised last night, that unless I sit at Bri...Luna Bank I dont even see conversation, let alone join in. I see quite a few PoC members around, are you folks accepting new members?

    Anyone suggest other guilds at all?
  2. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    EOB and III are both fairly big, busy seeming guilds =) (I think III used to be AL? Or a lot of the members were, I was in that guild for quite a while, and they were all really nice people =))

    I'm in S^R, which has always been a really great guild, but just lately doesn't seem so many of us are on =)
  3. Ahoy and well met Azureal, I am Amathist the guild leader of PoC and we are always accepting new members. At present the guild are really keen on doing the doom gauntlet but they also love doing peerless so if your keen to give either ago your more then welcome to join us.

    If you would like to join us or to find more information about us visit our guild site www.poc.guildportal.com <<<<< sorry wrong URL - the correct one is http://poc.guildportal.com

    As Teeshy said EOB are fairly big and PoC are actually Allied with The Third Legion (III) so joining either poc or III gains you interaction with the other as well.

    Good luck in finding a place to call home.
  4. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:
    FEZ is also always welcoming new members. We try to do a couple of peerless a week. But we're mainly a rp and event guild.
  5. Sneaky Que

    Sneaky Que Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 14, 2006
    Likes Received:
  6. Azureal I recieved your post on the poc website can you please go read the response when you get a chance as you have not quite done the application properly *smiles* and I can not give you forum access to guild sections untill it is corrected.

    Glad you found the site even though I was silly and gave out the wrong address first.
  7. Lets fight over him....
    TBD is looking for more players :p
  8. Given your an allie I will let you borrow him and any guild member from time to time to boost your ranks...it be the best offer I can give, but they do remain MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE lol.
  9. Mishra_

    Mishra_ Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    That is a name that I have not seen in some timeā€¦ He is an old time member of Oceania and in Order of the Rose with me. PoC will have to take this one. :)
  10. *grins* we did ...lady Britany let her guard down and I slipped past her to snaffle him.

    Actually he found us but ssssh its not nearly as good a story.
  11. ya i let my guard down.... i got distracted by the dark side (real life)