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Looking for a guild

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Beele, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Beele

    Beele Guest

    I have been participating in the pre-order Beta, and I think I got enough of a taste that I will be continuing when things go live, so getting into a guild is high on my mind.

    Problems I have had with most of the guilds looking for people: in most of the guilds advertisements and even on the web sites for the guilds, no mention of what server people plan on rolling on. Wow, while I know the list only came out today, I would have expected everyone to post that information ASAP (unless running from a hurricane or something). If you don't know where you plan to play, how are you supposed to bring people with you for day 1?

    My intent is to start with a Shadow Warrior on probably a core rule set non-RP server. I have played a Dark Elf Ranger on EQ2 since a few months after it was introduced. I'm a big fan of flinging sharp pointy things long distances, and I am reasonably good at it. I am also a quest *****. While I enjoy raiding and taking one (or 27) for the team, my biggest badge of honor comes from doing everything I can to have done every quest that can be done (level caps on quests annoy the crud out of me, but I am willing to do stuff as a chicken if need be). I haven't played EQ2 since the beginning of March and I think my toon is still #1 on my server (and probably will be until they introduce their latest expansion). I have not done much PvP in the past, but the RvR I have experienced with this game had encouraged me to continue honing that skill set.

    Unfortunately, I am not gonna be a hard core player, as much as I might like to be. Life currently doesn't permit it. I will use ventrilo, but only outside of my working hours (which are long, but give me time to play during work- good time to work on quests).

    Forgot to mention, I a central time zone resident, but tend to do my most serious playing late at night.
  2. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    Basically, Random Acts of Violence is a group of 10-15 players from UO, AC, DAoC, Shadowbane, EQ, EQ2, AoC, etc. that have continually crossed each other's paths over the years. Some of us were PKs, some weren't. We're all pvpers and I'd say our average age is 30 IRL.

    We're semi-hardcore, I guess...our main focus is simply being competent at playing your character.

    We'll be playing on the Stoutheart Open RvR server at launch and will be forming an alliance with Brutal Conquest - a guild we met in AoC.

    Our forums are http://pixelcrack.net

    Give us a look, see if our humor/style matches yours. If so, drop a post in the Introduce Yourself forum and away we go.

    I know you stated that you're looking to play on a Core server, but I'm here to tell you that Open RvR is the way to go :)

    Take care.