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[Imbuing] Looking for a Imbuer on Origin shard that wants to make alot of gold

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Milkman8880, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Milkman8880

    Milkman8880 Guest

    Hello all,

    I am in need of an imbuers services on the Origin shard. I have been tryin for days to get someone to help make some things for me but so far no luck. Here is a list of what I need made, and I am paying 1m+ per item or more, plus I will supply MOST of the ingredients:

    Shield(any kind with Low Str Requirements)
    15 hci
    15 dci
    1 FC
    High Fire Resists
    8 LMC if possible

    Weapons: Need these to be Maces
    Fey Slayer
    30 ssi
    50 Hit Mana
    FC 1
    If you have room add 50 hit phys area or high as possible

    Repond Slayer
    50 hit mana
    FC 1
    If you have room add 50 hit phys area or high as possible

    Demon Slayer
    50 Hit mana
    FC 1
    If you have room add 50 Hit Lightning or high as possible

    Arachnid Slayer
    50 Hit mana
    FC 1
    If you have room add 50 Hit Lightning or high as possible


    Lastly I need a TUNIC and Sleeves made with the following COMBINED Statistics:

    40 LRC
    16 LMC
    4 MR
    8-16 Mana Increase if Possible
    Resists Total: 32 phys /50 or Highest possible fire on both pieces/ 19 cold/19 poison/5 energy

    If you are able to do this please ICQ Or PM me MY ICQ IS 639999352
  2. Gelf

    Gelf Guest

    dont have an imbuer on origin,so can't help you. are you using universal chat to find an imbuer? or checking the queen's forge in tel mur? origin isn't a heavily populated shard so it may take awhile. also several of the things you want aren't possible with imbuing.

    for EX. hci on shields(unless you already have a shield with hci on it)

    also,can't imbue fey slayer mod. and expect abit of sticker shock on those armor peices you want
  3. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My artificer on Origin is at 114. But that said, the pieces you are asking for cost well more than 1M gold to craft based on the current market prices for ingredients on Atlantic (for example). Let's look at one of the armor pieces:

    - 20 LRC = 10 Fairy Dust (costs 500K)
    - 8 LMC = 5 Relics (175K) + 10 Essence Order (800K)
    - 2 MR = 10 Renewal Seeds (1.25M)

    Without the POF (another 300K), barbed or horned leather and gem costs you are still talking 2.5M gold and that is bargain hunting. Origin has the added challenge of few vendors which means your supply options are limited. You not only will need an artificer, but someone that has a big stock of SA ingredients stashed away.

    The weapons won't cost as much as you can craft the SSI with a runic hammer. But You will need 5 relics (175K) and 10 special ingreds (~400K) to put on your super slayer property. And another 5 relics (175K) and 10 essence of achievement (I think that is right as I'm trying to do this from memory) which goes for another 400K. Forgetting about special ingedients for your leech you are still talking closer to 2M per weapon with POF.

    Might I suggest the following: reduce your request to avoid using some special ingredients and/or collect the special ingreds and relic frags yourself and then provide them to an artificer. The market prices I used were Atlantic and you just won't have those choices on Origin.


    P.S. Try the Origin forum as there are some nice folks there that might happen to have both the artficer and the ingeds... But you'll be expected to pay market price.