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Looking for a Lineage 2 trial

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by igoralone, May 30, 2008.

  1. igoralone

    igoralone Guest

    Hello! I would like to try Lineage 2, but unfortunately everyone I know is either a WoW-er or an Everquester. Is there anyone who'd be willing to send me a referral for the trial?

    I'd also welcome any advice on servers, characters, and anything else it would be in my best interest to know. (I have been reading guides, but they don't always tell you everything)

  2. zelix

    zelix Guest

  3. OhNoes!

    OhNoes! Guest


    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could send me trial invitation too. Thanks in advance.
  4. OleEjnar

    OleEjnar Guest

    I dont want to be mean or anything but I have like 4 free refers on my acc but seeing all these people interested in L2 on various boards like VN boards and such. Im getting a little suspicious. Sorry if it somehow offended you all so mods just delete my post if it seems crazy.
  5. damonkkk

    damonkkk Guest

    for the second part of the SPELLHOWER QUEST i have to collect some items...so far it's ok but the TYRANTS don't give me anything...i killed 50 of them probably and still nothing...pls HELP!!!
  6. jkoster

    jkoster Guest

    Damon, you might wish to repost your question in its own thread. As to the answer, I would say just keep trying. Make sure you are fighting the Tyrant, not the Tyrant Kingpin that's down there and looks the same.

    Good luck!