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Looking for a Skill FAQ? Look in here!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Basara, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    In order to reduce the clutter of Stickies, all the skill FAQs will be linked to from this "sticky" post.

    • General Crafting Guides: Information about all kinds of things, such as the new salvage bags, Cloth colors, repair deeds, pack animals and much more. If you don't find something in a skill-specific FAQ, look here.
    • Lumberjack FAQs: FAQs on Lumberjacking will be included in both the Archery (Bowcraft/Fletching) & Carpentry FAQs. After both those FAQs are updated, a version might also be added to the Guides thread above.
    • Arms Lore FAQs: Arms Lore has been made useful once more, but instead of having it as a separate FAQ, the skill's information is incorporated into all the other crafting FAQs where it is relevant. Otherwise, a returning player might just think that it's old pre-AOS information, and never read the FAQ. See the next guide link for skill gain information, as well.
    • Skill gain guides: These are suggested means to gaining in crafting skills, based on the idea of either minimizing one's resource expenditure while maximizing one's gains, finding better uses for the junk one makes to gain (when the skill doesn't allow recycling) than just throwing the junk away/selling it for a fraction, or both.
    • The Tailor FAQ: Actually completed back in September, I accidentally deleted this link when I added the Tinker FAQ to this post... Oops... rolleyes:
    • Blacksmith FAQ and The Guide for New Blacksmiths: The guide is a simple walk-through and Q&A for persons new to the craft, or one that has been away from UO since before 2007, and needs to be brought up to speed on the new training options if starting a new smith. The FAQ goes into much more detail into the skill, but assumes a basic knowledge of how to use a crafting tool in the game.
    • The Mining FAQ expands on some of the basic information from the New Blacksmith Guide, and continues to detail the skill. This is a must read for someone who has not mined in years, as there have been several changes to the skill, not to mention the total randomization of the ore spawn locations (that can change ore type again each time a spot is mined)
    • The Bowcraft FAQ is an update of Aleena's old Archery FAQ (which was always more a Bowcrafting and "where did this Bow com from?" FAQ).
    • The Tinker FAQ: Originally by Moff Tarkin, like the Archery FAQ it has been heavily edited to bring it into line with the modern state of crafting skills, and still needs some of the newer information added.
    • The Carpentry/Masonry FAQ: Currently being updated as of 29 September 2008, but still a work in progress, more so than the others.
    • The Golem FAQ: Another FAQ needing an update (but only related to crafting in that it takes a crafter to make one), this was a FAQ on the uses of a golem as a pet. It needs updating to discuss the current use of a golem almost exclusively as a training tool.
    • A new thread will also be started today (25 September 2008) as a "skill gain log" to replace all the other, obselete, logs. The purpose of this log is to give an idea, using various methods, of the materials costs of training the crafter skills. A link to it will be added, once the thread starts accumulating posts.
    • A FAQ on available Heartwood & Sanctuary Quests will be started in November or December - Event stuff got in the way of my working on it.