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Looking for BoDs (Low lvl)

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Hexoplex, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hexoplex

    Hexoplex Guest

    I am looking for low lvl BoDs (Tailoring & Blacksmith). I am sure a few of you have a book or two of what you consider "worthless" BoDs. Instead of you just throwing them on the floor, I am willing to buy them. Not really looking for the Larges, as they tend to be a little pricey. Looking to pay between 1k-8k per if that helps narrow it down for you.

    Also, have a Lg Tailoring BoD that I need the BoDs for...
    Feathered Hat
    Fancy Shirt
    Short Pants
    Thigh Boots

    And Lg Tailoring
    Floppy Hat
    Full Apron (had it but filled and turned in :sad4: )
    Plain Dress (have it)

    ICQ craps my work computer out, so I don't have it.
    YahooIM: Txtom22 (if I have it up).
    or you can post here what your willing to part with and we'll work out the details (I check often).

    If you post, please list the price you are looking to get for it, I am sure that I am not the only one looking for BoDs. So if you got them and don't want them, post them here and I am sure they'll get sold.

    Characters: Tuculu, Xander, Fishy, Harvester.
  2. Wraith One

    Wraith One Guest

    Well, I must first ask exactly what kind of trash bods you speak of? cloth bods, iron bods, worthless leathers. and the bods your looking for those 2 larges I may have in multiples. Although give me a bit of time as I'd have to dig around the mountain of other bods stockpiled in the house.
  3. Hexoplex

    Hexoplex Guest

    Looking mostly for cloth and maybe a few iron. Really just looking for something to burn off the large amount of cloth I have managed to collect in the past couple of weeks.
  4. Wraith One

    Wraith One Guest

    well then if your just looking for cloth then i have more than plenty to sell. 1k per is fine with me. PM me of when your available.