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Looking for Guild: former player (pre- UO:R) coming back

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by SKLURB, Mar 3, 2009.


    SKLURB Guest

    Hello =]

    I played UO originally at release in sept of '97-2000 during the rampant thievery, house lootings, and life without Trammel. Exciting times.

    As I am getting back in the swing, I am looking for a very active Medium- Large guild of solid team players with a strong sense of humor. I am not looking for handouts....mainly a very social guild who at the very least has some members who need a PvP fix week to week. Love a good dungeon run, etc, but my primary agenda will eventually be PvP. I just need to relearn this game so I don't run out the front door and land flat on my own blade. Arf.

    I am not a griefer, although I am also not offended by it. Even when it happens to me. It's a dog eat dog world out there....or at least it was. Bunny hug bunny? Please just tell me there is still action to be had! =D

    I am very willing to help out....I will be xferring a gm smith / master tailor over as well to help fund & gear my dex monkey and am happy to assist others in need as time allows.

    My toon name is "Sklurb"
    ICQ #179512
  2. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    Run for the hills and forget u ever even thought about comeing back to this horrid game. Its nothing like it used to be at all. Its all about how pretty they can make it now and they dont care about anything else. Its the same 20 or so people doing the same things over and over day after day. If u get into PvP and are able to beat people u have to be a cheater and a hacker. As far as posting on stratices, well thats a joke too. U may as well go to UOPVP.net because thats where everyone posts now. They cant handle rules and regulation so they had to create there own site where they could show there levels of mentality and maturity, made life for the stratics team easier though because now they dont have anyone to watch over really except Lady Lava. Good luck to you in whatever u decide to do.
  3. |Nox|

    |Nox| Guest

    Someone sounds a whole lot of mad. And is it we couldn't handle rules or did not like them so made our own place with our own rules?
  4. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    I been meaning to ask u guys in TDR/JW/FHP/BCF how is, or how did Jo enjoy his little vacation? You should really pay better attention as to where your guildmates stand at and what they are doing for an entire day without moveing!
  5. Masacre

    Masacre Guest

    Johara [BC] banned/suspended?
  6. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    No the characters name was just "JO" she was standing in the FHP/BCF/TDR/JW house at the deciet entrance in the same exact spot for hours casting spells and every so often would start casting a higher lvl spell than the previouse one. In checking UO.com for the character there were only 2 on Great Lakes with the name "JO" one is a red in BC and the other is a Blue in TDR/JW the one mentioned in this post was the blue one. It was kinda funny to watch the character just vanish in the middle of casting a spell! Have some audio recordings and screenshots of the events leading up to the vanishing. LMAO. ALL TDR/JW ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION AS ONE OF THERE UBBER ELITE MEMBERS ONCE SAID !!!
  7. Quinn1969

    Quinn1969 Guest

    Hijack much?
  8. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    Troll much?
  9. Quinn1969

    Quinn1969 Guest

    LOL....don't flatter yourself.
  10. Sunchicken

    Sunchicken Guest

    Sounds like you need to move to pvp.net as well being as you are acusing somone of cheating thus they getting banned in the meantime....

    But to answer the guys question. THere is action on Great Lakes more than likely not the action you are looking for. I recommend that you check out siege perilous i moved there and spend about 3/4 of my time playing there. It has the basic ruleset of preren with the new worlds. Skill gain is tuff after 70 but isnt that suposed to be part of the enjoyment? If you like unconsentual (im sure i butchered the spelling) pvp, looting, thievery, and something thats not gimmie gimmie gimme i recomend it.

    If you need item insurance and risk free farming you probably want to stick to prodo shards like greatlakes.

    Either way check out the siege stratics page they are having some kind of meet and greet this weekend
  11. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    U and Nox r the ones that hijacked the thread not me. I simply responded to his post with my opinion. U 2 are the ones that posted nonsense that had NOTHING to do with it. So dont flatter yourself!