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Looking for Guild

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by LIL DON, May 14, 2008.

  1. LIL DON

    LIL DON Guest

    I have recently returned to UO from a 3 year tour in EQ. I found to my dismay that several of the things I used to enjoy are no longer doable, for me, without a guild. I used to go to Fel spawns and the like but now i know no one with which to do these things. I tried taming a rune beetle and low and behold i got owned in short order. Same with Greater dragons. I used to be amoung the best tamers on the shard and now feel like a (young) player. I have alot to offer a guild. I have a gm mule (120 tailoring, 115 smithing, 100 tink, carp, fletch, mining and some magery) I have a gm scribe, a gm alchey,and a near gm poisoner, and will use any of my characters to help out a good guild that will have me and my army. I enjoy doing spawns and paragons and i believe i would enjoy ML peerlesses as well. My play time is sparatic (the reason i quit EQ) and want a place to call home. Any guilds interested can respond here or pm me. I curently dont have aim but plan on making one today.
  2. NewThunder

    NewThunder Guest

    you may want to visit the ML spawn locations at your normal play times to see which guilds are active then.
  3. duderominus

    duderominus Guest

    yo don--thiss FirePimP, if you remember me... (dang, that name sounds worse every time I think of it) I just came back after a couple months too. We should meet up. =)
  4. PolishX

    PolishX Guest

    VFW is looking for members . I almost wuit after 90 months till i hooked up with these guys ... great guild of adult players not 13 year old kids