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Looking For Orcs And Savages

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Lord Gareth, May 29, 2009.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    (Chesapeake Shard) Guardiansgate, PaxLair and PaxOku City
    *Anyone from any shard is welcome to participate*

    A fierce storm is a brewing have you chosen a side? Perhaps defend the high seas and the rights of all human citizens and join the Navy? Try your hand at the more superior physical race the Orcs? Maybe you want to show your more cunning side and become a Savage?

    A war is coming and all three sides are looking for their brothers hidden in the shadows. Show yourself and take part in a new experience that you may have not tried yet.

    Wildstar- 8040775
    Tiberius- 35749000
    Gareth- 267944224
    John Duke- 155520709
    Bam Bam- 374733757

    (This is a Roleplay event spanning over time. It is not just a pvp fight out. Great Roleplay events and story lines will be a major part of it as well.)

    Here is the start of it.

    by Tiberius Clearcastle (USN)

    Commodore’s Log,

    It has been weeks since the Shadowlords were driven back, weeks since Zeno was killed in the final battle for Minoc, and the sting is still fresh. I know He and I weren’t as close as I am with my other siblings, but he was my brother, still, I cant imagine loosing my twin. The realm is stable once again, the ships that needed repairs have either been repaired or are in dock getting them now. Admiral Martin has been dispatched to Britton to act as the liaison between the Navy and the new “king”. The Navy’s own colors are flying on our ships once again, I kept my word to the king and flew his colors through the war, now I keep my word to the Navy and have had the flags removed form all ships and stowed away. For the time being, I am making my office at Clearcastle keep, as I believe this is where I am needed most. Most of my officers have either returned to there posts or are on leave, Jewell is off getting married and Greyy is on her way to Zento. Things are getting back to normal. Thank the gods…..

    Tiberius sat back in his chair and read what he had just written. Looks good he thought and leaned forward to dip his signet ring in the hot wax and put his seal at the bottom of the page. On impulse he went back in the book to his first Log as the Commodore of the Navy.

    Commodore’s Log

    Commodore Tiberius Clearcastle reporting.

    I have just taken over the United Sosarian Navy, my brother Soul Reaver, the former Commodore, felt that he could no longer handle the duties of this position and I was asked both by my brother and Nevyn ( the leader of the Royal Britannian Guards ) to take over the position. As I sit here in the USN Headquarters just north of Guardians Gate looking out the window at the sea. I wander if I have it in me to be the leader of the USN. I have never been a sea going man, but I have read the works of our greatest authors, and in most a tall ship was found. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of training on ship, I served in battles on ships early in my life, but never thought to make my life at it. I have however always felt the pull of the waves, from my earliest memories I see myself in Vesper looking out over some bridge at the water crashing into the land. I walked over to the docks today to see the finally completed USN Guardian today, she is a fine ship, and the first to come out of the Guardians Gate shipyard. Four more Guardian class ships are underway, as is the new Exeter Class Dreadnought, she will be heavy but she will be fast for her size and she will boast one hundred and twenty guns. By far the biggest ship on the water, when she comes out of dry dock I will take her for my flagship. With these ships the war with the DAGR will take a new turn, and an unexpected one for Kerrs Holley and his lot. In fact the change of command has already caused him great annoyance, as one of his lieutenants, Greyylene, is already sitting in one of the cells behind me. In fact, I believe I should go introduce myself. And this should be interesting as I think this crazy pirate is half savage, at least she acts it. And I know among the contraband confiscated when her ship was taken was a bunch of bottles of savage ale and the still to brew it. Soul Reaver confided in me some very important information about her, information he says she will need to find her way back from the abyss she now finds herself in. He did instruct me to “break” her before I start hand feeding the information, apparently she has to truly feel the pain and loss of what she once had, but in her heart there is only hatred and a thirst for revenge, he also told me that to free her, I must wait until she could fall no lower, when she has hit rock bottom, when I was sure she could sink no lower. And at that time I should whisper a single word to her, a word that would free her form her curse…Neglathon…

    Tiberius finished reading that first log, gave himself a small smile and pulled himself from his chair. He walked to the balcony and stood there staring out at the mountains west of Minoc, until Franklen came into his office.

    Twenty years Franklen….


    That’s how long I’ve been in command of the Navy. Its hard to believe, it feels like yesterday. I’ve lost many good men and women through the years, but I’ve never lost a brother…..

    Many good men and women sir? I know full well that not only do you know exactly how many have been lost in that time but you know there names as well.

    You know me too well. Have Mandarb saddled, I am going to vesper. I need to see the ocean.

    Sir, you have many meetings today…

    Reschedule them then. I’m going to vesper.

    It will be done M’lord. And he vanished out the door.

    I would rather be going to the HQ though he thought, but I am needed here and Admiral Hawke has everything there well in hand.

    On his way to the stables, he decided to stop at the family crypt. Here were all of the Clearcastle’s. His great grandfather 8 times removed up to his father, the only sarcophagus in the crypt that was empty. His fathers corps was no longer at the sight of the ambush when the king had arrived. And the newest, his brother. The sarcophagus lay next to an empty slab of marble, the stand that would hold his statue, and that of his two dragons, unlike most pets when Zeno had been beheaded they stayed in battle and helped to kill the scarlet dragon attacking Minoc. It seems even now they know where his body is. They chose to stay here at Clearcastle keep close to his body. They nested in the caves just outside the keeps walls. And now guard the keep from attack. They seem to have excepted the entire Clearcastle family as there own, though it was quite clear that they answered to know one, and, Tiberius thought, as he came out of the crypt and looked up into the eyes of Hara, the female dragon, who was perched on the keeps wall, the people who live close, and I, I must admit, like having two greater dragons protecting us.

    By the time he arrived at the stables, Mandarb was saddled and waiting outside the stable gates. There was a stable boy holding his reigns and trying to keep him calm as Tiberius walked up.

    My lord, the boy said as he bowed to Tiberius.

    Tiberius smiled, get up son, you don’t need to do that.

    Thank you my lord he said rising and handing Tiberius the reigns. He is ready, I packed his saddle bags with two days worth of food, a bedroll and a fire starter.

    Tiberius nodded his thanks as he climbed up on Mandarb, he looked over the boys shoulder and saw a beat up bow and some greatly worn arrows leaning against the stable.

    Are you any good with that? He asked nodding his head towards the bow and arrows.

    The boys face lit at the thought that the high lord of the north and west had noticed him. Indeed my lord! I won the last two tournaments in Vesper!

    How old are you boy? He asked.

    Ill be nineteen summers this year my lord!!

    What’s your name?

    My name my lord? The boy was stunned not only had the high lord noticed him he wanted the boys name!!

    Yes. Tiberius said with a smile. Your name.

    It’s Deacon my lord.

    Very well, Deacon, you did a very good job readying Mandarb, I am impressed. Thank you. And he turned Mandarb and headed out the main gates of the keep. The next morning Deacon woke to find his beat up bow and arrows gone and in there place a brand new Legendarily made Yew bow with a quiver of the elements and a full one hundred arrows, with a note that said, Lord Clearcastle was impressed with you. He asked that I make you a proper bow and see that you were properly outfitted, come to the Keeps forge this afternoon for the rest. Clayton Clearcastle.


    Whats going on out there now??

    It looks like another orc attack on the savages. Replied Mayor Bam Bam from the window of her office at the town hall.

    This needs to stop. Maybe we should make the savages leave??

    How is that fair to them? Asked Bam Bam. They have done nothing wrong, other then being attacked all the time.

    We have many townsfolk that have been injured because of this nonsense.
    We have to do something!! I know, let us send the Blue Guard after the orcs! If we teach them that this is our town maybe they will leave it alone.

    The Blue guard? How many do we have? Twenty, thirty? There are hundreds of orcs. We are not a huge city like Vesper or Britton, were not even the large town that Guardians Gate or Pax Lair city are. We are a large village, we don’t have the numbers to attempt anything like that.

    Then what do you think we should do mayor?

    We need to send for help.

    That will show us as weak.

    No we are out numbered, we need help, tell me, would you rather we were destroyed because of pride???

    We can defend ourselves!

    No we can not, swallow your pride, Gareth, I’m sending for the United Sosarian Navy.

    Do what you will, just don’t expect me to like it. With that he turned and left Bam Bam’s office.

    She watched him go, then leaned over her desk and began to pen the request for help.

    Clearcastle Keep…

    As the sun set across the sky Clayton wandered where Deacon was. From Tibs description on the comm. Crystal Clayton though he would have been here as early as the boy could get away with.

    Carl, stoke the fires and begin smelting the ore we just got in, I have to go check on something.

    Will do Clayton. Nodded Carl.

    I would bet a months pay you made all this up just to get out of work! There is no way Lord Clearcastle even noticed you, much less began showering you with gifts, and I should look around town to find out where you stole that bow! If you even think of leaving, you wont have a job when you get back, and that means no place to sleep tonight either!!

    But Stable master its true I tell you!!

    Back to work Deacon, and give me that stuff so I may return it to its rightful owner!

    That wont be necessary. Came a scathing voice from behind the stable master.

    He turned, oh Clayton I didn’t hear you approach!

    That’s Lord Clearcastle to you stable boy. You are Deacon, yes? He said to the boy behind the stable master.

    I am m’lord.

    You can call me Clayton son. And you don’t need to be worrying about where you’ll be sleeping tonight, Tiberius has made arrangements for you to use the guest apartments for a short time. Once your commission comes through you will be sent to the USN HQ in Guardians Gate as an Ensign to begin your training.

    Sir? Deacon asked. Clearly not understanding what was happening. And the look on the stable masters face said he knew full well and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

    He is but a street urchin!! He lives in the hey loft!! I have given many years to this job and yet I have not been offered a position in the Navy, what right have you to offer him one???

    Clayton face went to stone, you do realize that I heard everything right?

    Yes m’lord, I have much work to do. With that the stable master turned and walked away.

    Sir? Am I really to be in the Navy??

    Clayton smiled at the boy standing in front of him. That you are lad.
    Now let us go fit you in your armor and get you to your apartments. You have much to learn in the next few days.

    Yes sir! Said Deacon.

    Clayton laughed. Call me Clayton lad, I work for a living.

    Somewhere on the road to Vesper….

    Tiberius had found a nice clearing to spend the night just a few hundred yards off the main road to Vesper. He had left late in the day and planned to spend the night on the road, he needed some time alone. As he lay beside the fire looking up into the night sky, he thought about his last trip to Vesper. Defiantly not the leisurely stroll he was taking now, in fact at a brisk pace it normally took about 4 hours to reach Vesper, that day he had done it in two, and nearly killed Mandarb to do it. No this time it was a nice leisurely stroll.

    He began thinking about the boy at the stable, Tiberius had given no indication of what he was doing, by having thought all that out and having Mandarb ready to go he had impressed Tiberius with his foresight. That was the reason he had sent a message to Clayton asking him to ready the boy for the Navy. Admiral Hawke will do well training him. And he would have a good long career in the navy, at least that what Tiberius hoped.

    The next day he spent another three hours slowly getting to Vesper, then headed to the only bridge in the city that gave an unbroken view of the ocean, and simply stood there for several hours watching and listening to the waves as they broke against the bridges supports.

    You know, I have always loved the sea, but I have to admit, its better not having to run from the USN.

    Tiberius Smiled. Yes Captain, piracy does have its problems.

    Welcome back to Vesper sir.

    Thank you Jack. How are things going here?

    Good Sir, the city guard and the USN forces are working very well together.

    How are the Colonel and Captain getting along?

    Well, we have had a few disagreements about how to do some things, but as he is the Colonel of the city guard, I have pretty much let him have the final say in how he wants things done.

    He is your father Jack, you two need to work the past out.

    He will never see me as anything but a pirate.

    We will work on that.

    Where is Hinotori?

    She and the Kitty Hawk are out patrolling the seas around us.

    Good I want you to stay here a while longer. It appears to be over but I want to be sure.

    Understood sir.

    Just then Tiberius’s comm. Crystal buzzed for attention.

    “Commodore, this is Greyy, we’re back at Zento and more or less secure. We will patrol these waters until ordered differently. Oh the Lady is a nice ride. She certainly is one that will announce her presence in a most efficient manner. Greyy out.”

    Tiberius smiled, and looked over at Captain Bishop. You know I wouldn’t put it past her to go pick a fight just to see what it will do.

    Bishop bowed his head and laughed. I can relate sir. I wanted to do the same thing when you handed me the Endeavor.

    The difference is, she might do it. Once again the comm. Crystal bussed.


    We I have just received a message from PaxOku sir. I think you should come here, and read this sir. It is very sensitive and to be honest I’m surprised it came to us.

    Admiral Hawke

    Tiberius sighed, Bishop, I need you to see to Mandarb. Stable him for now but see to it he is returned to Clearcastle keep. As soon as you can. Oh and don’t let anyone try to ride him. They wouldn’t like the outcome.

    Yes sir! Replied Captain Bishop as he reached out and took the reigns. Good day sir.

    Tiberius nodded and chanted the words that would send him on the sacred journey.
    sanctum viatas. And was gone.

    USN HQ…

    Tempus was standing on the steps leading into the HQ when Tiberius “popped” into existence. He shook his head to regain his equilibrium and looked up to Tempus.

    Lets have it he said in a no nonsense tone.

    Here you go Commodore, and Tempus then touched the crystal and the message began…

    Commodore Clearcastle, this is mayor Bam Bam of Paxoku. Recently a group of savages moved into the village and laid claim to a plot of land and soon built on the plot. This in itself is not an issue as they pretty much keep to themselves. However the orcs have begun attacking them on a very regular basis. Most of the time its just the orcs and savages but more often now our people are being caught in the middle, I do not feel its right to remove the Savages for simply being here, so my next action would be to stop the orc attacks. However we do not have the vast recourses or manpower to accomplish this. So I ask Commodore, would you be willing to come and help us take care of the orc problem? Thank you for your time.

    Bam Bam
    Mayor, Paxoku

    Tiberius handed the craystal back to Tempus, and said. Contact Bam Bam and tell her im on my way. Then contact Greyylene and tell her to get the Savage Lady to Paxoku ASAP.

    Yes Sir replied Tempus.

    And Tempus you’ll be getting a new Ensign named Deacon in the next few days, take him under your wing. Sanctum viatas, and again he was gone.


    Tiberius stepped out of the Paxoku moongate just in time to jump out of the way of a ridgback at full run carrying a savage woman.

    Watch where your going he yelled at her. And then turned to head to the council building, and again was nearly run over, this time by three orcs apparently chasing the savage. So it begins he thought. Sword in hand he moved to cut them off.

    Consecrus arma! He said. And swung his soul seeker at the first orc, taken by surprise as it was it was dead in seconds, the other two were not so easy. As he battled he noticed that the savage had turned and come back to fight. In fairly short order the battle was over.

    I am Tiberius Clearcastle, Commodore of the United Sosarian Navy.

    She looked him up and down, her upper lip curled, Niva! Human leave now! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!

    I just saved your butt human!! She said, growling and shaking her warfork at him.

    Human leave now! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! She said again.

    Very well, for now. Said Tiberius, as he turned and walked to the city council building to see the mayor.

    As Tiberius rounded the bend into town he saw Greyylene standing on the steps of the city council building.

    That was fast. He said to her as he joined her on the steps.

    Well all Admiral Wolf Paw said was that you wanted me here ASAP. So here I am, The Lady is in rout.

    Very well, short version, he said. Savages have moved in here, and the Orcs come in after that to kill them. Mayor Bam Bam has asked us to help with the Orc problem.

    They walked into the building and up to the receptionist.

    Commodore Clearcastle and Admiral Greyylene to see Mayor Bam Bam please. He said to her.

    The woman at the desk nodded and asked them to wait while she went to see if the Mayor could see them.

    Tiberius walked to the window and looked out just in time to see another battle end. He shook his head and turned to Greyylene.

    This is going to be interesting, I’m not sure either group can see reason.

    The savages can Commodore. Said Greyylene.

    Mmhmm. Said Tiberius as he looked back to her, just remember these are not your savages Greyy. don’t make assumptions, until you have all the facts.

    Commodore Clearcastle. I did not expect to see you so soon.

    I was in the neighborhood, you must be Mayor Bam Bam. Its nice to meet you. This is my second in command Fleet Admiral Greyylene.

    Bam Bam smiled and nodded to Greyylene. We can talk in my office she said as she led them down the hall.

    Once in her office, Tiberius wasted no time.

    If you are against asking the savages to leave this will take a long time. There are orcs all over the place that will continue to try coming in and killing the savages.

    I know but I just don’t think its fair to even ask them to leave, other then being a little standoffish they have really don’t nothing wrong.

    Were going to need some help with this, and were going to need the authority to back up what we do.

    What do you need? Ill give you whatever assistance I can.

    We will need a building to use as an outpost and for my people, they will need a place to rest and heal after battles, we will also need control of your docks, we have many ships that will needs full access fast. and since Paxoku is small and doesn’t have a lot to offer ill take mayor ship of the village as well.

    Mayer ship ..um..I

    Ignore him Mayor, said Greyylene, that’s just his warped since of humor, all we will need is the outpost and control of the docks.

    And you can have both, she smiled, clearly relived that she hadn’t been put in an impossible position.

    The Savage Lady is on her way here now, as soon as she arives we will assume control of the city defenses. We will do our best to take care of this problem as fast as we can and get out of your hair Mayor. Said Tiberius

    Thank you, from all of Paxoku. Said Bam Bam.

    Except Gareth I’m sure. Said Tiberius, smiling.