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[Price Check] Looking For Prices...

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Tangled Metal, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Tangled Metal

    Tangled Metal Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 4, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Looking for current pricing on the following items. Currently just looking for a price check though if a reasonable offer is made I may sell. Thanks! (All items have been checked on TC1 and are NOT duped)

    1.A Light
    2. Kettle (Server Birth)
    3. Master Archaeologist's Pick
    4. Ruined Miasma Recipe Scroll
    5. Olmecian Access orb
    6. Full Set of Mesanna's Jack o' Lanterns (Red, Yellow and plain both graphics)
    7. A Freshly Picked Rose From Mesanna
    8. Mesanna Reindeer
    9. Mesanna Sleigh
    10. Meanna's Pumpkin (Verified Misspelled Pumpkin Created and Dyed by Mesanna)
    11. Official Guardian Of The "Spirit Of Christmas"
    12. Chevalier's Bulwork, The Knights Of The Crux Ansata (Order Shield, equipable)
    13. Full set of white Daemon Bone Armor (Not the bleached version)
    14. A Modest Reward For The Defense Of Skara Brae (Plain Bow)
    15. Swimsuit, Swim Trunks, Grgish Swimwear and Sun Protection Robe
    16. Ship Model (Blessed)
    17. Ranger Ingots
    18. Christmas Carols (Sheet Music Graphic)
    19. Mallet And Chisel (Server Birth)
    20. Weathered Old Chest (Lantern)
    21. Singing Ball
    22. Open Book North and West
    23. Seven Tears' Double Bock *Stamped With Ye Olde Winery's Seal
    24. A Beautifully Painted Plate (Golden Dragon)
    25. A Signed Modicum Of The Vestmental Robes Of EM Bennu
    26. Garkin's Dagger
    27. A Joining Plane of Exceptional Quality
    28. An Inshave Of Exceptional Quality
    29. Glass Mug OF Coffee
    30. Bone Shards From The Skull Of Antirez
    31. Quill Of Justice, Executioner's Pen, Sudiva's Covetous-Laced Tear and Tear of Sacrifice
    32. Statue Of The Stars(Angel Fireworks Statue)
    33. Composite Moonstone (Ice White Moonstone)
    34. Gold Wrapping paper
    35. A Crumpled Wrapping Paper
    36. Blue Wrapping Paper
    37. A Sprig Of Holly
    38. Happy Holidays Origin - 2009 From The Solstice Stag (Full bag all 3 items)
    39. 1997 Happy Holidays Bag (Full)
    40. Fresh Chocolate Pie Baked By Ms. Claus
    41. Yule Log
    42. Full Set of All Colors Mesanna Poinsettias (12 total)
    43. Reindeer Hat
    44. A Reindeer Mask
    45. A Ginger Bread Cookie Crafted By The Solstice Stag (Plain Color)
    46. An Ugly Holiday Sweater - Winter 2010
    47. A Magical Lock Box
    48. Ring Crafted By Emilia The Blind Fortune Seer
    49. 25 Item Gold Metal Box
    50. A Ship Claim Ticket
    51. White Bank Check for 30,000 GP
    52. The Head Of Lord Borric Of Crydee (Lockable)
    53. Spun Copper Diving Helmet
    54. A Guildstone Helloween [H*W]
    55. A Guildstone Knights Of The Mare [K*M]
    56. A Guildstone Survivors Of Argos [GBT]
    57. Thin Hay (Server Birth)
    #1 Tangled Metal, Apr 6, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2013