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Looking for Snow Globes

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by Tovladian Soltyr, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Well, I was putting together the snow globe collection for the Museum to find that OMG I don't have a full set o_O. So I'm in the market for a few globes, I have all the rare ones, but crazy thing, I'm missing common ones lol. Here's a list of what I need:

    From the 2001 Collection:

    The City of Cove
    The City of Delucia
    The City of Jhelom
    The City of Magincia
    The City of Moonglow
    The City of Occlo
    The City of Serpent's Hold

    From the 2002 Collection:


    From the 2005 Collection:

    The Dungeon of Despise

    I can trade extra's I have or pay whatever you prefer here is a list of my extras:

    2001 Snowglobes
    1. Britain x0
    2. Buccaneer's Den x0
    3. Cove x0
    4. Delucia x0
    5. Empath Abbey x2
    6. Jhelom x0
    7. Magincia x0
    8. Minoc x1
    9. Moonglow x0
    10. Lycaeum x2
    11. Nujelm x0
    12. Occlo x0
    13. Papua x1
    14. Serpents Hold x0
    15. Skara Brae x0
    16. Trinsic x0
    17. Vesper x0
    18. Wind x0
    19. Yew x0

    2002 Snowglobes
    1. Compassion x2
    2. Honesty x0
    3. Honor x2
    4. Humility x1
    5. Justice x2
    6. Sacrifice x1
    7. Sprirituality x1
    8. Valor x1
    9. Chaos (rare) x1
    10. Pass of Karnaugh x1
    11. Twin Oaks (rare) x2
    12. City of Montor x2
    13. City of Mistas x4
    14. Ancient Citadel x3
    15. Etheral Fortress x3
    16. Lake of Fire x1
    17. Lakeshire x2
    18. Exodus's Lair (rarest) x0
    19. Blackthorn's Castle (rare) x1

    2005 Snowglobes
    1. Blighted Grove x6
    2. Citadel x4
    3. Covetous x3
    4. Deceit x5
    5. Despise x0
    6. Destard x7
    7. Doom x2
    8. Heartwood x4
    9. Hythloth x8
    10. Khaldun x5
    11. Luna x4
    12. Palace of Paroxysmus x4
    13. Prism of Light x5
    14. Shame x2
    15. Umbra x3
    16. Wrong x5
    17. Zento x4