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Looking for someone to create/run a player run game- info inside

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Within the first several weeks of March I'll be hosting the 2nd annual rare collector's festival on Lake Superior which is an excellent opportunity for many natives of the shard to not only purchase rare items that may not normally make their way to the shard, but also to sell their wares and meet with other collectors.

    Part of the festival is a game which anyone collector and non collector alike can participate in.

    I'm looking for anyone who has experience successfully designing and running a player run game to submit to a game that they would be willing to to run for the event im hosting.

    The only stipulations are as follows:
    1. It must be set up so there are clear winners (top 10 winners recieve prizes)
    2. At least 50 people must be able to participate
    3. It should require a time investment of at least 20 mins to 1 hour.
    4. It does not need to be confined to a single home, it can use multiple houses, or any open space in the game

    If you wish to submit a model for consideration please pm me your idea and please be detailed.

    I will make a decision based on the submissions around early april.

    Also, I will provide any prizes necessary.

    Feel free to icq me any questions.
  2. Bo Hica

    Bo Hica Guest

    If you are really hard up for an event, you could always do a Pillar to Pillar Boat Race. They are really easy.

    1. Make a starting point that can launch mutli boats at once. (like Serp's Hold)
    2. Set 5-7 Checkpoints (first and last being the Pillars) Place ppl at those points. (holders)
    3. Give each checkpoint "holder" the x' y' to the next point and a "point object" This could be an item, a password, or a clue.
    4. At the last checkpoint (the pillar) give the players a finish line point. (i.e. Trinsic Docks)
    5. Check the "list" and make sure that the players went to all points and got the correct "item" from the "holder" before selecting your winners.

    This can be done for either single (solo), pair (pre-made or spot selected), or group (3-6 ppl on one boat) play.
    I will not be able to do this event for you because of increased hours at work. I hope this will help some. Maybe you will get someone that has the time to run it.
    Any questions just pm me and I will get back to you when work allows it.