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Looking for someone to do Recruit a Friend 3x XP with for fast Leveling :)

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Xtromist, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Xtromist

    Xtromist Guest


    I'm trying to find someone that I could recruit for the Recruit-a-Friend system. The way it works is I refer you and you upgrade to the full version of Original World of Warcraft, we both get three times the experience as well as the ability to summon each other for quick leveling for 90 days.

    I have been playing WoW since release on several accounts with numerous 80s. I have the patience to show you the tricks of the trade, some tips on most classes, gold making tips and I can answer whatever questions you have.

    I am looking for someone who can play during the afternoon to late nights EST. We would play on Laughing Skull US PVP server. I can fund us with mounts, skills, bags etc along with runs from 80s if needed. I plan on getting 3-4 60s.

    All I ask from you is the CD key to upgrade to Vanilla Wow (Original WoW). I can provide the 2 month game card for additional time. I plan on not only having a leveling buddy but someone to do endgame activtives with when we've reached max level.

    Email/MSN: [email protected] :)

    Or send me a PM