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Looking for the following house owners...

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by katherinepgoh, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hi! Once more, PGoH is looking to fill out a bit more of the housing around our current base of operations, Olympus! In addition to the houses owned by people I've asked about before (Please check my other posts) We are now asking for your help in locating/contacting various owners of houses.
    The first one is a keep advertised for sale and the house owner is Kulliun, and has an ICQ listed, but unfortunately there has been no success contacting this owner. If you know or can get in touch with them, please send them my way, and my icq will be at the bottom of this post.

    We also would like to know if anyone knows Blaster, the owner of Blaster's House of Pain. This house is also a keep.

    I would also ask for assistance in finding Angus, the owner of an unnamed, private, empty 18x18 plot in the swamps above Trinsic.

    Any help in finding Beor, owner of a Large Tower next to the swamp, private and unnamed, is also please requested.

    Finally, we are trying to find Flynx, the owner of a private customized home named 'Workshop'.

    Our offers are as always at least the going market rate, usually with bonuses as well as offering to find an 18x18 spot in Trammel or Felucca for any who are interested in dealing with us. Thank you for your time, and please send any information or contacts to ICQ 431702770
  2. We are adding more houses to the list, and hoping for a positive response from some of the owners.
    Large Tower - Owner: Jasper - Name: Mages Sanctum
    Large Tower - Owner: Red Scorpian - Name: Den of Scorpians
    Large Tower - Owner: Snow - Name: An Unnamed House
    L Shaped House - Owner: Rusty Splinters - Name: BOOMERANG HOTEL
    Large Tower - Owner: Beor - Name: An Unnamed House
    Large Marble - Owner: Cassandra - Name: BlackMare Palace
    Small Plaster - Owner: N U T Z A C K - Name: an Unnamed house\

    If you are or can get in touch with the owner of any of these houses, we are VERY generous in our offers. You can ask any of those whom we've bought their houses before. Thank you!