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Looking to make a necro dexer template for PvM need advice

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by DreamHawk, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. DreamHawk

    DreamHawk Guest

    Hey guys I'm going to convert my bushido fencer into a necro for awhile and give vampiric embrace a try. I have a couple of templates in mind, but was wondering if you could give me some input and help me finalize what i'll have on the template.

    Was thinking something like:

    Fencing 110
    Tactics 110
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 100
    Necro 100
    SS 100
    Chiv @ 80


    Here's my question: I don't want SS unless I have to have it. Yes, it's nice for healing and to aid certain spells like strangle and what not, but being a dexer am I not going to be more interested in added damage like chivalry for EoO and maybe parry and or poison? I guess what I'm getting at is SS really necessary? Does it effect the strength of my transformation spells? If you could please provide some input on your templates you use. I've heard how uber these guys can be, but I just don't understand how without parry and chivalry for EoO. How else do you rack up those 100+ point hits?
  2. My first suggestion is to find a way to keep your bushido on your bushi-fencer. Bushido adds a couple of ways to do a lot of extra damage and heal a lot more quickly (confidence, honor and lightning strikes, to be specific). This changes you from being hard to kill to being nearly impossible to kill in a lot of situtaions.

    The idea of a necromancer/melee fighter isn't to do more damage, so things like anatomy and tactics can drop (some, vamp. embrace still depends on doing damage) in favor of having higher spirit speak, which is one of the key ingredients to leeching more mana/hit points from your opponent, depending on what form you choose.

    So necromancy, spirit speak and bushido keep you healed. Chivalry, bushido, anatomy and tactics all add to damage. If you have those all at 100, that only gives you room for a weapons skill as high as you can take it.

    Fortunately, a lot of skills can drop somewhat without a major effect on what you're doing. For example, my own sampire has 65 chivalry. That's enough to cast enemy of one somewhat unreliably, but with proper planning, it's enough to keep EoO up. I use massive help from jewels to bring my necromancy from the mid 60's to 90 (I use the ossidan grimoire for that last 10 if I die), spirit speak from 90 to 100, and some tactics and chivalry help. I also carry a luna lance in case I need to ressurect other people. I have my DCI maxed out, which helps more than anything else.

    My current template (approximately) is:
    115 swords
    90 tactics
    90 anatomy
    60-something parry
    100 bushido
    65 necromancy
    65 chivalry
    90 spirit speak

    Which leaves 45 points which will all go into parry (currently in healing, which I literally never used after I trained it). I'll also drop anatomy to bring my bushido to 115. It seems strange to me to have an 8 skill template, but this guy is so powerful in PvM, I haven't looked back for a moment.
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Now I know its not cheap but if you set your self up with quite a few necro skill boosting items you can drop your necro by well over 60 points and still get all the benifits!