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Loot, Insurance, Items, Crafting..."chasing the Dragon"

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Nyses, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have read several threads recently about loot quality, Runic crafted item quality, as well as Insurance. Most of them are people relaying thier frustration that "item loot is crap" or "insurance + POF is bad" or post along those lines asking the devs for a fix.

    THE ISSUE: I, like many players, collect what I consider really good weapons armor and jewelry. The plan is to either enhance them, sell them or use them on my characters.

    THE PROBLEM: Moster loot is increasingly "crap" and all those "good" to "uber" items sit around collecting dust and barely move off vendors.

    THE EPIPHANY Once players have thier "perfect" suit and small assortment of weapons, spellbooks, jewels, or whatever it is, there is almost never a need to upgrade or replace anything. Thank you POF and insurance.

    Now, there will be the occasional new character created, and the very occasional upgrade opportinity to replace a current piece, but other than that why would anyone ever need to actually buy or trade for weapons armor and jewels?

    At what point is every single character in Sosaria, practicly wearing the perfect suit with all the perfect weapons and accessories? This is the reason that monster loot is now "crap", everyone already collected equiptment that is far superior and prectically never needs to be replaced.

    This more than anything (in my opinion) has been a major factor in deterioration of the community and player interaction. Why talk to you, when you have nothing I need.

    THE QUESTION: What can be done?

    To date the Devs have been "chasing the Dragon", as in tossing in more and more high end items for sheeple to go collect, then people have said item, and then what?

    People have suggested removing insurance. ( a little too late now) Others have suggested removing POF. (has merit, but it is currently the only really consistent seller my vendor has)

    Oh, and I know about Seige, I have 3 chars there, but sometimes the more populated shards are just more fun (interaction)

    I was looking thru my house and items and realized I should just recycle 90% of what is there, because those Demon slayer weaps and 50 resist LRC or LMC pieces of armor are just not ever going to be used as I and others already have far better pieces that will never wear out and never need replacement.

    ~frustrated hunter and crafter
  2. Nothing can be done.

    As far as armor and weapons, there is no need to ever replace them.

    Once you make your suits and weapon your set. Luckily there is more to the game. But your right.

    Armor, weapons, and skills (with advent of soulstones) have been pretty much reversed nerfed.

    it so easy to get em and keep em, whats the point down the line.

    Luckily there is other stuff to do, like buy duped items for me.

    I build houses, vend, help people, monster hack, and craft.
    It keeps me busy but not like the old days.