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Lord Casca Beseeches the Safe Transport of Clainin

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Lord Casca addressed the citizens of the realm last night from the Throne Room of Castle Britannia. As I arrived a few moments late, I curiously saw a number of corpses immediately adjacent to the throne, perhaps a foiled assassination attempt on the new monarch?

    Nevertheless, Casca got down to business and made mention of the recent awakening of Clainin, the Arch-Mage of the Court and trusted confidant of the departed Lord British. Clainin had been in a coma since an accident with the mysterious Blackrock nearly two years ago and had been under supervised care in New Haven. He recently awoke from his long coma earlier this week and now the king was requesting his safe transport from there.

    What also remained to be seen was what comments Clainin might have given since he was(or at least once was) a member of the Royal Council which was brutally massacred last autumn(save for Ambassador Casca prior to his ascension to the throne).

    The assembled party at once made for New Haven in great haste. Clainin had already been the target of an assassination attempt the moment he had awaken. This attempt was quickly thwarted, but it was apparent that there were certainly persons if not groups who wanted the Arch-Mage eliminated. Who knew when such dark intentions might bee made manifest again?

    Clainin was found at the Healers of New Haven and made ready for the journey, picking up his staff. The party began escorting him towards the moongate just outside the southern palisade in, under more pleasant circumstance, what would have seemed like a grand procession or parade. No sooner had the party caught sight of the moongate when suddenly dark forces appeared and began an attack!

    Clainin himself, still weak and recuperating from two years of laying in bed, could scarcely act to repel the assailants, but the grand party of stalwart adventurers quickly fought off the attackers. The would-be assassins seemed to resemble water elementals, but composed of a darker, almost black material, shadow fiends of sorts. After a short battle, the attackers were vanquished but not before exacting their toll in blood of the defenders as corpses of the brave littered the ground.

    In the aftermath of the battle, I saw Clainin step into the moongate, but did not catch where we were to be going. Some yelled out that he was now safe, others were as confused as myself. I quickly stepped through the moongate and checked a number of destinations but found nothing. I eventually returned to Britain and headed for the Throne Room of Castle Britannia once more, hoping to receive either further directives from the king or perhaps an acknowledgement of Clainin's safe arrival. While there were a number of people already there, Casca was not among them and I soon had to depart on my own account.

    As I left, I felt assured for the most part that the mage had indeed arrived to his destination safely and eagerly awaited what news may come of his reaction to learning that previously unknown citizen of the realm, a lawyer no less, had speedily arisen to the throne during his coma.