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Lord Casca proclaims a celebration - Heart and Soul Festival

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Lord Casca appeared in the throne room of Castle Britannia Saturday evening to issue a proclamation to the people of the realm.

    To commemorate the tireless and valiant efforts of those defending the realm, but also as an opportunity for the people of the realm to come together in celebration, the Heart and Soul Festival will be held in two weeks time, on Saturday February 14th 2009(Earth date).


    He named EM Tailspin as the festival coordinator who shortly greeted people at the Britain Counselor's Hall along with EM Dudley and EM Faine Morgan.

    EM Tailspin went over the guidelines for the event, namely that it would be a community effort and placed a book for all the read about the details on the bar counter in the Britain Counselor's Hall(book is still there for all to see).

    It reads as such:

    Complete details are available at the site mentioned:


    There are many timeslots available throughout the afternoon and into the evening on the festival date. Chesapeake has some of the most exciting and creative player events to be found anywhere. This is a real opportunity to demonstrate that as well as introduce fellow citizens who have yet to experience these sorts of things.
  2. The Heart and Soul Festival website has been updated as well as gotten a stylish makeover!

    I see there are already some events scheduled for timeslots, but there's also several open slots throughout various parts of the day left as well. Even if you can only do a short event for 30 minutes, help make the Heart and Soul Festival something that is well remembered for years to come!

    Same website, slightly different page: