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(Player News) Lord Valyon of Britian Declares Blackade

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Eyes of Sosaria, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. There were escalating tensions created between Britian and Trinisic last evening when Lord Valyon of Britian appeared in Trinsic looking to collect his "Golden Tuna" from Santiago, the Guildmaster of the Sons of the Sea.

    As the sun was setting in the western skies, about 8 bells, a nobleman from Britian, Lord Valyon, appeared at the "Sons of the Sea" building in Trinisic. He came alone with no armed guard at his side, looking to settle a dispute about "Golden Tuna" not delivered as promised. As Lord Valyon walked onto the premises, he was unhappily greeted by the local fisherman, residence, and guest at the Sons of the Sea. Lord Valyon, after surveying the crowd, demanded to know the whereabouts of a person called "Santiago". Most in the crowd ignored the unwelcomed guest, but someone mentioned they had no idea where he was. Not liking the answers he was getting from the crowd, he persisted futher the whereabouts of this man. The crowd snubbed at this demand when a small green goblin approached Valyon gestered him in the traditional Goblin way. Before any other comments could be made or gesturs made, Santiago came walking through the doors.

    Lord Valyon greeted Santiago in a harsh way and demanded from Santiago the shipment of Golden Tuna promised him a few days before. That he, Lord Valyon, held a "Contract" stating the fact that Satiago owed Valyon that perticular shipment of Tuna.

    An argument broke out between Santiago and Lord Valyon inside the Sons of the Sea and they called each other out into the street. The argument escalated to the point where threats of bodily contact was about to take place. At that point, the argument was interveined by Sir Jacob Talvun, Knight Commander of the Palidens of Trinisic. While Sir Jacob and Lord Valyon were crossing words, Satiago made his departure unnoticed. After realizing that Santiago had disappeared, Jacob and Valyon went head to head in an argument about his presence in Trinisic and swords were drawn.

    At that point, Lord Valyon knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with the people and Jacob of Trinisic and promised retaliation against Trinisic from Britian. Following the spit-spat between the two, Lord Valyon departed. It sounded like a WAR threat was made against Trinisic. Sir Jacob at that point starting asking those in the crowd who would they support in the event of war. The The southern sections or the Northern sections. There were mixed answers and some didn't answer at all.

    It was agreed that everyone would meet at the "Keg & Anchor" to further discuss what had just happened and to try and get to some answers. *War with Britian*. Britian against Trinisic? Sounded crazy but the fact was there would be the posibily of having to defend Trinisic against thise in Britian.

    Discussions about the whole matter lasted well into the night with the suggestion of "Mornwick" being brought into the picture. This was highly objected to by an upstanding citizen named "Fanny". A supporting character by the name of "CaT" stood by her side in discussing alternatives.

    During those discussions, another name was brought up as a possible solution. Someone named "LADY VASHIER", a predominant character within the realm with great dealings between Britian and Trinisic. Also the subject of Lord Valyon wanting "PAWS" was also a major subject at this "PUB" meeting.

    Then word came down from Sir Jacob that Britian had mustered a Naval fleet. This fleet was preparing to set sail for Trinisic and would arrive in 5 days. Their purpose, *To BLOCKADE Trinisic and be a threat to Trinisic.*

    So word has gone out to everyone supporting the Southern Cities Section to be prepared for *WAR* against the Northern Cities sections. That Trinisic will need the support of those willing to Guard Trinisic against Northern Aggression.

    Word will follow from Sir Jacob Talvun as information is gathered. Until then, all supporters of Trinisic are to be prepared for anything that might take place in the coming days.

    The Township of Nidaros has pledged ships and man power for the defense of Trinisic, with loyalties to Skara Brea and is hoping that others will follow suit. Man power and ships will be needed to protect the town and citizens of Trinisic from the Nobleman Aggression of Britian and her supporters.

    Further information about what happened further can be had from people like CaT and Fanny.

    Stay toon'd as more unfolds. Some photos below about that night.

    :from the reporters desk of Nidaros


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    EM Dudley Seasoned Veteran
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    Feb 23, 2010
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    Very nice writeup!