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LotRO Exclusives: - Ariestarchus of Windfola Interview

Discussion in 'LotRO News and Announcements' started by Finnbarr Galedeep, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. LotRO Exclusives: - Ariestarchus of Windfola Interview

    Finnbarr Galedeep here! ​
    Last week I had an opportunity to interview a player who I find to be a very respectable player. I have followed him into many raids and have always found that you'll always gain something when your with him whether it be In-game or out of the game. In-game he's a great leader and follower. Out of the game he's an awesome friend who will always have your back. After hitting him up on my friends list I asked him if it would be okay if I could interview him. He said yes but only under the condition that I gave him all the money I would ever make... ​
    Finnbarr: What position do you hold in your kin? Ariestarchus: Just a member.* I game to relax as I have a high stress RL; so, lotro is my passtime to escape a bit and enjoy the books I read as a teen.* Now I can delve in the world of my childhood. Finnbarr:First off: How long have you been playing Lotro and how did you find out about it"? Ariestarchus: Well, I have been gaming long before computers entered the scene* but I got in when LOTRO first launched.* It was the books I enjoyed so well brought to a virtual reality and so splendidly so Just roving the countryside in Bree or the shire will bring a smile to my face.* I learned of the game from my kids and I quickly left EQ to game in LOTRO with my wife and children Since then ...lotro is my hobby and a shared pastime with my spouse Finnbarr: What was your first impression With LOTRO? Ariestarchus: Well i hinted to that above but the game is a huge triumph in MMOG...best music...combat...crafting...well balanced to a more casual gamer as I am... Finnbarr: What are your opinions of the PVP mode? Ariestarchus: Oh well..... This might take some time...hehe Well pvp is good for what it is ...however the risk vs. rewards are kind of flattened at the higher end of the ranking.* I left the PVP because once i hit rank seven the amount of time to make the renown to get rank 8 and the rewards were not worth the time...better to finish my deeds before the Moria launch then stay out there in the Moors. PVP did get really fun at times but frustrating as well... When there were open field battles where both side were committd to fight, the fun was intense.* Then the victory went to the greater tactician in the field or followers that obeyed the plan of attack. I oftened wonderd why TURBINE didnt have double renown weekends or areas that gave double renown that would bring the toons out of the woodwork to get those points. Keep fighting is great but it seems the Freeps need some more incentives to get out and get into the PVP zone.* Perhaps times quests for renown, or achieving victory conditions while the creeps would have to prevent it for their Destiny points.* something to get the side to work together then just stair at each other. A bit could be gleened form online box gaming... scenarios are agreed to by all players then a clock starts or a side balance lock occurs that limits adds to each side in a balanced fashion.* I would call it a instance in the PVP so to speak. The PVE battle instances are a great step forward.* However PVP could find a venue to progress along with that.* BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY... You can't please everyone and trying to leads to imbalance in the game.* I have felt that TURBINE has done a good job of balancing the PVP area withthe exception of the spider root--which was fixed rather quickly once the scales were tipped too far to one side. Finnbarr: The mines of Moria....First Reaction hearing of the new exspansion Ariestarchus: First i'm glad some concession was given to lifetime members for the preorder...my thanks to TURBINE.** Now... I have wanted to do the beta and explore the world early but...i didnt for the following: I always knew every Christmas present I was getting as a child because I found a way to find out...curious I guess, but now that I'm older and oh much wiser.... I dont want to miss the surprise coming to me in Moria....the development of the first volume still keeps me busy (when I can find others to fellowship with), I find new things all the time and the books just improve so tremdously toward the end storyline--well done TRUBINE.* Now, with Moria coming, I am waiting as an eager child for launch day the world to unfold beneath! Finnbarr:What are you most looking foreward to in the mines of moria? Ariestarchus: Making my own legendary sword! That and the hope they will tweek Guardian not to be so wimpy Overpower is great--but if they added to our weapon speed for two handed weapons that would help with DPS.* A guardian should be the best at two-handed swords like the halberd for the captain enough on that divergent thought (I mean a 15% bonus to weapon speed in Overpower stance) Finnbarr:What Area In Moria Are you looking most foreward to in the new exspansion?...like for me Im more looking foreward to Lothlorien Ariestarchus: Honestly I have not done any reading on it for the reasons stated---I want to flood my discovery and emotions with every turn.* Send me into the deep and hopefully I can find me some undead to slay (I just like dispatching undead--person thing). I hope all those Ancient dwarf make weapons will finally come in handy. Finnbarr:How many raids do you think you've lead and how did you come to learn them so well? Ariestarchus: Well the kin I'm in is Viaticus and these folk are what I would call "professionals" at raiding.* As one who has had authoruity over others in RL, it is nice to listen and learn from the brite young ladds as they lead the way.* In the past I did a lot of raiding in EQ, and well my current RL responsibilities dont allow me the luxur to do all the research anymore.* BUT I do read some of the board...Refered to me by my fellow Viaticans so as to improve the raids overall perforamnce.* After all, we are there to win. Finnbarr: Have you ever givin' thought to Role-playing? Ariestarchus:Well yes, I've done it before but it only REALLY works if everyone roleplays.* Half roleplays and half non-rolepalyers are like a high school dance with only the kewl kids having fun while the others around the wall, although invited, wont join in the fun . So, everyone must roleplay or learn to in order for it to really work--otherswise, it is best based on my experience with gaming (about 27 years worth) to have people just be themselves and have what fun they can as they are in RL until they can learn to cut loose with roleplaying Finnbarr: Ah! Now Tell about your Character as a Role-playa'...*cough* Player....
    Ariestarchus: I do not roleplay Ariestarchus because most the people i game with do not roleplay.** Ergo, it reduses friction between players. Very anticlimatic there.
    Finnbarr: One last question. Do you have any advice to any new player to LOTRO both in a regular and Role-playing sence? Ariestarchus: To a new palyer: chose a server that has a high population density of players (do some researcha nd ask around).* Second, play everyclass up to level 10 THEN chose your main to to grind up to level 50+.* Lastly, it's a game.* When the fun stops...time to log until the next day.* When the fun is awesome...order pizza and play on and on.* A fellowship that is laughing and joying and triumphing... ..over the monsters is the place to be; so, make it last as long as you can. As for role players, .... If someone has floatynames turned off they will not know you are roleplaying with them.* So, if they respond oddly to your overtones of rolepalying, which they are taking as RL behavior, be patient, explain your behaviors and speach, then dismiss the other persons error as unfamiliarity, OR, just stick to a roleplay only server * I hope you enjoyed our chat...
    Finnbarr: Oh indeed I did! We'll have to go out for Barlimans best sometime and perhaps hunt a wild boar. Ariestarchus: As you wish...send me a tell and let's play...
    I have alot of respect for this guy. I have been in many raids in the Ettenmoors where he has led full raids to Victory against the Foes of Middle-earth with hardly any losses. He he has aided many in their travels across Middle-earth, from Bree-land and Annuminas, to the Ettenmoors. He is not only a good player but a good friend, worthy of recognition in the LOTRO Community. ~Finn

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