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LotRO Exclusives: - The Old Code -Kinship Moria Interview

Discussion in 'LotRO News and Announcements' started by Finnbarr Galedeep, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. LotRO Exclusives: - The Old Code -Kinship Moria Interview

    Finnbarr Galedeep here!

    I had actually planned to Interview several Kinships on the Windfola sever prior to the the Release date of The Mines of Moria on the 18th, asking them how their Kinship was preparing for The Mines of Moria. I had planned to walk around Middle earth and ask random kinships how thier Kinship was preparing for the Mines of Moria. What they would be doing in preperation to enter The world beneath. Plans and what-not. While in my travels around Gath Forthnir I clicked on the first person I could. Alanah. One of the leaders of the kinship "The Old Code". After asking her if I could ask a few questions she invited me to join them through a voice chat program. Upon entering I was greeted by many "Hello!"s. After we got to talking I realized I couldnt tear myself apart from them. How can I just leave after asking only about Moria?!? I couln't! There was no way! And so what was just going to be a few questions to a few kinships turned into a fullscale interview of The Kinship: The Old Code.

    I was invited to thier homestead and there, after asking my first initial* question I would find out how I couldn't just walk away after just a few questions. ​

    Alanah: We were actually fortunate enough to have four people who were able to make it into beta testing for The Mines of Moria. We were able to search out some of the new areas, do some exploring and find out some of the new crafting things that were comming up. So we've been able to come up with some strategies to help the whole kin and be really successful.

    [​IMG]Strategies? Well this does sound interesting! Tell me about some of your strategies.... ​
    Alanah: Haha! Well...I can tell you. On one of the quest over there... we spent a good few hours trying to solve the quest. Well we thought you have to find this person...so were going through this enormous...yet wonderfully detailed cave for few hours only to find out you actually have to go back and talk to the first guy again!...so our kin is definatly prepared there...they wont be spending hours running around!
    [​IMG] Woah! Well Im glad I know that! ​
    Othir: Something else were doing right now is just getting everybody cuaght up In the books and in thier deeds for when Moria comes out.

    Melima: In our kin we like to make sure we have the basis covered in crafting, Different classes of toons. We actually group up alot together making sure everybody know their role in a group as well as everybody else role. Thats really going to help us out alot when we get to Moria.

    Alanah: We also push alot of whats on the LotRO Forums. For example..."What captains would like everybody else to know..." and..."Guardians can heal you but not if your running around screaming: Im getting hit!" Just so everybody knows what is better for both yours and thier classes.

    Melima: Many of our high level people really contribute to our Forums and give their input and strategies for things they might have done in the Shadows of Angmar like strategies and what-not.

    Borgo: Were also stocking materials for all our Grand Master craftsmen So they can move Right on into Moria when thier ready!

    Alanah: Actually a group of us were in Carn Dum today and one of our kinship members actually got a drop and it was for one of the new Classes! The Warden and Guardian class i believe. So we've been teelling our members that if they get a drop like that to Hold onto it!

    Melima: Something that was also nice, since four of us were acutally able to go into Beta, we were fortunate enough to be able to play the new clases. We not only got to play them as high level toons but we started them out as babies and got used to em that way, so we'll be able to help anybody out in our kin who wants to make one of the new classes.
    We're Information junkies...

    Othir: Some of us might be sick this Tuesday. We might not be able to make it to work...

    Melima: Im already starting to get a scratchy throat...

    Othir: MoMs coming to town. I cant make to work, I have to go pick up MoM!

    [​IMG]We'll its always good to take care of MoM first!

    Melima: We Basically have dinner together because were on the game. We ask each other what we're all having because were gonna eat while were playing. We Love the Game! Were on the Game!...While Were eating!....Pretty much this is where we are. ​
    Alanah: We're not a kin who is big into Power leveling everybody up. We dont mind helpingat all but we're all in agreement that the best way to learn how to play your character is to play everything as much as you can. Do all the deeds. Get as many traits as you can. Do as many Quest as you can! Both high and low level quest! ​
    Borgo:* And having all come from other Multi player games, Its really Sad to get into an upper end instance, and suddenly a person your relying on...you suddenly find out they either bought thier toon or it was power leveled...and your sitting there with 200 gold worth of repair bills becuase they dont know how to play thier toon! ​
    Alanah:...And of course that was from WoW cuase nobody else has ever seen 200 Gold! Haha! Well see everbody here has come from a Different game so that should explain things Haha! ​
    Othir: We're pretty...casually hard-core gamers...thats the only way I can think to put it. We're alway on. Were always here...but we're not always in a rush to level. We want to be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

    Alanah: Infact....! It was last spring when we actually were the Trollshaws. We saw the path, and we saw the buildings to Moria! So you ca really consider us adventurers!

    *Othir: We didnt even know this at the time. But it was the entrance to Hollis from the trollshaws! We didnt know that at the time but we know now it and it was just really exciting to find it out for the first time! ​
    [​IMG] Your Kidding?!? Iv never seen that! I can actually see Eregion now? ​
    Alanah:* Yeah! We'll have to show it to you! ​

    Melima: Because we're so adventurous we've acutally already noticed things like the spires in the Celondim area being already damaged from the war. Things that were not there before as of like 4 weeks ago.

    Othir: We actually started this quest the exact same day the kinship The Watch started. It was really neat. It was like Seconds apart. We were standing right next to Sun.

    [​IMG]Thank you all for this incredible Interview! We'll have to do a follow up after the Mines of Moria comes out to see how ye faired.


    Afterwards We sat around and talk for a bit. Pouring over old maps and eat whatever I could find...We...eating whatever we could find...The Old Code even has their own band called "Dip 'N sauce"! They were kind enough to play a few tunes for me. We had a good ol' time! ​
    Singing. Dancing. ​
    Insulting..... ​
    being knocked out...exsperiencing pain... ​
    Learning lessons...

    The Old Code is one of the best family oriented Kinships Iv seen in a good, long while. They really seem to know how to play the game and have fun, all while enjoying it to its fullest, making sure to get to exsperience every corner of middle earth. I plan to follow up this interview in the future just to see how their hard work and Strategies paid off. I can tell you already...This is one Kinship that will not perish in the Depths of Moria...

    See you in the Depths!


    The Old Code: Website
    The Old Code Is a Registered Trademark.

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