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[Selling] Lots of Resources, Weapons, Artifacts and More

Discussion in 'UO Origin Trade' started by Milkman8880, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Milkman8880

    Milkman8880 Guest

    All Items For Sale are at the CCC Vendor House in luna. They are located on the Bulk Resources Vendor, and Powerscroll Vendor.

    Tons of +5 +10 +15 powerscrolls in stock.

    Bulk Resources:
    Iron Ingots 45gp per
    Dull Coller 50gp per
    Shadow 60gp per
    Copper 70gp per
    Bronze 80gp per
    Gold 90gp per
    Aggy 200gp per
    Verite 300gp per
    Valorite 400gp per

    Bulk Wood 5gp per
    Oak Wood 10gp per
    Ash Wood 20gp per
    Yew Wood 25gp per
    Heartwood 60gp per
    Bloodwood 70gp per
    Frostwood 100gp per

    Rune Beetle Carpace 3.5m
    Lucky Necklace 2m
    Djinns Ring 250k
    Fish Sculpture 300k