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LS looking for new members

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by Kerosene1138, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Kerosene1138

    Kerosene1138 Guest

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to let anyone on Gilgamesh that is looking for a LS know that we are always recruiting. We're a general LS that is mostly about us all helping each other out. Whether answering questions for each other or teaming up to take on the harder missions. All we ask is you be respectful and be willing to help out your fellow LS members and we'll do the same. We have a wide level of player ability, and though most of us hail from Bastok and Windurst, all you folks from Sandy are welcome as well. As I get permission from the other sackholders, I'll put them up here too, but for now go ahead and /tell Kronik that you would like to join and I will find a way to get an LS Pearl to you. We also ask that you register on the Community LS page, as we use the boards there and set up events. Well, we look forward to meeting new people to explore Vana' Diel with!
  2. Kerosene1138

    Kerosene1138 Guest

    Also, you can /tell Angus, Sabotaj or Qwestion if they are in game as well.