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lsn and ffbz..........

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Morgaine, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Morgaine

    Morgaine Guest

    Well, I can not control other players actions in the game or how they play their game. Would you like me to scold them? send them to their room?
    So, if Id lost the respect of FFBz with his style of game play, well again, so be it. Theres nothing I can do to change that.

    There must be another encounter you are talking about, but the most recent out of factions that I remember is 2 AV and 2 ppl from another guild being there and FFBz coming in to raid it. FFBz got the 2 from the other guild and then FL came in. So there were no other ppl there, 2 AV and 5 or 6 FL.
    Call it chicken or whatever you want, but there's no reason for 2 AV to go after FL without any chance of success. Esp. when they weren't the ppl we were after to begin with. As I have repeatedly said already.
    Save the insurance for another fight, another day when we do have a chance. That was personal decision and honestly, no one elses business.
    But if this day is not the day you are talking about, then please enlighten me.

    I wish you luck on your journey to rid all shards of FL, one day you may succeed, we will see.

    You guys are too funny.... two ppl who have either not been in game or on shard decide to post to something they know nothing of.
    I don't remember seeing anyone say anything about holding hands though? Would be funny to see however, running around Fel holding hands lol I can see it now.
    That must be on a post I haven't read yet. But thanks for the laugh, I honestly needed it.

    There was a time when we would stand with anyone to fight against FL. We didn't turn our backs on FFBz or LSN, it was the other way around.
    We got told we are good enough to stand on our own or we got turned on because the other guild thinks we suck so bad they want nothing to do with us. Though, it would be nice to see guilds working together against FL, I don't see why we should help guilds who have made those decisions against AV and turned their backs on us.

    And yet, you want us to drop it and fight with you against FL? pffffft fight your own battles with FL and quit whining if AV doesn't jump in to help you. You're all good enough to handle them without our help remember?
  2. Crow

    Crow Guest

    Call it a short attention span, but I spaced off during most of what was stated in last post that got locked...(geee i wonder by whom...I would say big brother, but I think big mother might be more fitting, but I could be wrong) and the start of this one, none of it really applies to me anyway.

    However, I assume I am one of the two considered funny, so I'll respond to that. I only spoke up last time because of the 'backstabbing fel guild comment'...or should I say compliment, which I am sure was also directed at LSN.

    We tried working together, wasn’t working...non allied guilds have no business trying to do anything coordinated on the scale needed to be effective. What's funny is how many x members of AV were the ones who found the spawn, and encouraged the attack that has now labeled us 'backstabbing' to AV...the rightful owners of Origin...(hahaha damn sarcasm again)...but that's neither here nor there.

    What is even more funny, ironic, and true to the original post, was the battles that came after we had secured your champ and almost had it dead when FL rolls in, and true to form, AV stands aside while we fight it out.

    It happened again when we stole your AM harrower with a small handful of people, 3 holding back your AM brigade and dropping it just as once again FL rolls in...and AGAIN you all stand aside while they ignore AV and go straight for us. Coincidence...maybe...but it sure makes one wonder.

    Now before you say I am beating my chest saying we are something we are not, I will state that we lose more often then not against FL. We have called in non guild or allies when battles are clearly lost and FL is very good at what they do, they were good at it years and years ago. Has that stopped us, will it stop us…no…a lost battle is still better then another friggin peerless, and I would much rather be us then them any day…I’ve been in guilds like that, wasn’t for me.

    My point is, don’t try and blow smoke when anyone who is out in the field knows the truth, and yea, I may be on a break, but I saw more then enough to know the truth when I was around.

    But by all means, continue...I'm certainly not saying you should stay out of fel, more there the merrier...But the next time you shy away from a real fight and run to tram, just remember that insurance you are saving for another day costs you twice as much against a monster ;)
  3. Morgaine

    Morgaine Guest

    Welcome Back Crow :p Honestly missed ya and even the rest of the guild... yeah we had a few memebers leave and go to LSN, but how many of them are still playing with you? And yeah, the one who ratted out that spawn is the backstabber when it comes down to it. I wish i knew why that last thread was closed. I was told it was because we were using specific names, but I dont know enough about stratics to know how that works

    That 5am Harrower, was found by FL, we had nothing to do with them showing up. Should know by now they check spawns right before server up. Anyways, yeah we fought you instead of them, oh well.

    Either way, it doesnt matter anymore, I let myself get drug into this whole mess of going back and forth with words, which isnt really fun and thats why I play the game, is to have fun.
    I have too many worries in RL with being sick to be worried about what people do on game and how most of you think of me. What matters is I have friends in AV and out and everyone else can think what they want. So from here on out, I wont be replying to anything from you guys dealing with our actions in fel.
  4. Stussywear

    Stussywear Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    There was more then 2 AV. I Wish i had saved the names of those who were there, because my good friend Multani sent me a list of names of AV who were at the spawn. And it was either 5, 6 or 7, I Cant remember the exactly tally. 2 is an all out lie.

    You can say whatever you like.. we know what happened.
  5. Cormac

    Cormac Guest

    Thanks for entertainment. Something about reading you all fight over pixels and who's daddy is better really makes me laugh. Keep fighting the good fight and letting us read about it.
  6. The previous thread on this subject was locked by me because it was getting out of hand ( I assumed that was apparent).

    Starting new threads with the same subject as a locked thread is against the Stratics ROC and will not be tolerated.

    With that being said this one is now being locked also.

    Chaucer of TS, UO Origin Moderator.
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