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[Imbuing] luck

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by elspeth, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    I was looking over the magic effects table and realized that it doesn't include luck. However, luck is shown as being an imbuable property when you look at the imbuing ingredients list.

    So, what is its imbuing weight? And range I assume is 1 to 100?

    And while I'm asking, if you want to get 140 luck do you have to imbue to max and then enhance with spined or gold or oak? Or can you create your item with the special material and then still add 100 luck?

    Anything else I should know? Like how hard chaga mushrooms are to get?

    thanks! Els
  2. TullyMars

    TullyMars Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Lucks imbue weight is 1:1 factor so
    100 luck = 100 imbue weight, 57 luck = 57 imbue weight etc
    To get 140 you do have to imbue to max first then enhance...then curse a few times as your item is destroyed and do it again and again.
    If you are imbuing with spine you want your original piece to have low physical resist to increase the chance of enhancement.
    Chaga aren't hard to get, they spawn on the ground in a couple areas and spawn quickly.
    No one wants to put the work in on them though so many just buy from player vendors or the magincia bazaar vendors.
  3. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    ok, played around with Zolof's calculator (it's awesome and thank you!) and I think I mostly answered my own questions.

    Luck weight is just 1 and can imbue up to 100 so if I want 140 per piece will have to enhance after.

    Now the only real question left is how expensive are chaga mushrooms on Pac? And if I want the suit to also be LRC, LMC and decent resists, how expensive are the rest of the ingredients.

    A cheaper but much slower alternative might be to loot luck 100 items and enhance them and then imbue those. Or, I suppose I'd need to enhance them after as well eh to allow for the most imbues. Ok, I think I got it.

    Anyone know how hard chaga mushrooms are to get or what kind of price I can expect to pay on Pac?
  4. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 5, 2009
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    If you have a stealther you can spend 15-30 minutes walking the tomb of kings by the moongate into the abyss or the pathway into the primevil lich spawn and pick up a couple hundred without worry. If you don't have a stealther you can spend the lich entrance is empty of spawn, but has a larger area where they spawn.

    Also, 90 luck does not require any mushrooms. If you're just making a throwaway suit you may not miss the 10 luck per item going this route. If you're trying to make 140 pieces for a real suit you will want to actually powder, imbue the other mods, add luck, then enhance. If you're using POF and adding LMC as a mod it may be more cost effective to buy some of the forged metal tools for this.
  5. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    awesome! thanks for the tips guys. Do I assume the reagents for LMC are super expensive and hard to get then? Order? Ahh, and relic fragments can be hard to come by also I guess. What about faery dust needed for LRC? Is there a good description of where to get all of these?

    So the properties that use relic fragments are generally the most expensive and hardest to farm ingredients for and also most desirable? (looks like FC,FCR, HCI,DCI, LMC, SSI and slayer properties)
  6. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Another option is to use low-end runics to craft spined armor items with spined runics (that only give 1-3 properties), trying to get stuff at 140 (or at least the 130s) with no undesirable properties. This will severely cramp the resists of the pieces (due to loss of 9 resists per item from the exceptional bonuses), but the side benefit with spined is that since the only resist bonus from the material is +5 Physical, you're less likely to lose points in other resists when imbuing the non-physical resists (imbue the lowest resists on each, or ones that had runic props already drop into them at bad levels).

    If you imbue a leather item THEN enhance, then do it this way for luck.

    Make a bunch of items to where at least one resist (other than physical) is at or near minimum. Physical resist needs to average 7 (or, in other words, the suit needs to total 40 physical from Exceptional/lore bonuses, before imbuing & enhancement - no less or more)
    POF it up
    Imbue Luck at 100

    NOW Enhance.

    The chance of failure is high, but you only have one roll to check against
    - the luck (which will be 80% chance to fail (30%+half the existing luck value)

    Now, imbue everything else on them

    Suit will be, prior to imbues,

    140 luck on each
    total resists 42/24/18/18/18, plus another 120 assigned randomly. If it was 40 physical before enhancement, it will be 70 physical afterward, with 92 resists scattered in the other 4, with each piece being at or near minimum in one resist (allowing you to do a full resist imbue on that one without losing excep. points)

    If you chose your parts wisely, you will have just enough extra physical from exceptional bonuses to get to 70, and if you want to go to all 70s, will only need to do about 12 resist imbues, with 12 more reserved for other properties.
  7. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    hey Basara,

    Thanks for the examples. I'm slowly starting to be able to understand these descriptions and think I understood most of your post :) The runic with spined might be an interesting route to go.

    What I'm probably going to look into doing though is making a very high luck suit with as much other good stuff as possible so I have some specialty pieces to use with it.

    The Arties I have are:
    Prosperity swords 200 luck FC1
    tunic: AOF 200 luck dci 15 lrc 40 18/3/6/20/3
    necklace 200 luck
    Etoile bleu jewelry 400 luck 3/6 MR2 HPR2
    Eclipse robe 95 luck
    Void totem 10 LMC

    My goals would be LRC 100 LMC 40 MR 8+ with resists and luck as high as I can get them.
    Using the items above means I have hat, sleeves, gloves, and legs to work with to get 60 LRC 30LMC and 6+MR and a lot of resists. I might consider losing the 60 luck on necklace to get better resists but of course what I really need is to buy a Mempo of Fortune, I'm also trying to save the money to buy a Tangle. Or perhaps it would be better to replace the swords with a shield and weapon combo that would probably help me get better resists and only sacrifice 20 luck? Anyways, it's looking like it's going to be expensive. Especially for the LMC and the PoF. As a tamer peace bard I might just keep luck as high as possible and sacrifice the resists. I have no meditation so really need the MR and LMC.

    I've been simply running with two suits up till now, one with all luck stuff and the other with my LRC/LMC/MR. Neither of which have good resists at all.

    thanks! -Els
  8. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The resists are 1 higher, and more spread out, of a gold circlet (which is naturally medable), but it would be more important with it to enhance after crafting (as the resists aren't all in one category like with leather items.

    Working around the AoF:


    5 pieces needed for 52/67/64/50/67
    Assumes POF to 255.

    Gold Circlet:
    Craft exceptional (normal tool) where as little as possible of the resists are in fire and poison.
    Imbue 100 Luck, Fire resist, energy resist (both to 20), MR 2 and LMC 6.
    Then Enhance with gold (more than others, this one needs to be done with enhancing last, because of the extra property that gold adds).

    this will result in x/21/y/z/20, where x=2, y=4 and z=2, plus the 17-20 of the exceptional/lore bonus scattered in x/y/z.
    This would be, on average, 8/21/10/8/20

    This would leave approximately

    for the other 4 items ...
    (having made my own non-luck uber mage suit around a Pendant, I know how hard it can be - don't bother with the lucky necklace).

    Craft the remaining 4 pieces from regular leather. Try to have the pieces total (roughly - assumes 8/21/10/8/20 circlet - adjust the numbers below for any differences - there will be at least 1 resist to spare)


    IF you can get at least one armor piece being minimum in fire, one minimum in poison, 1 minimum in energy, and 2 minimum in cold, you can maximize your properties you can apply (and reach all 70), but that might not be easy. However, you can shift this around a bit (46 fire resist will eliminate the need for a fire imbue, but means making 2 imbues to a different resist, whose resist will need to be 15 points lower).

    After you POF them, Imbue with luck, then enhance them, they will be
    44/31/25/27/32, which means you get all your physical without imbuing.

    This leaves 75 resists to imbue, optimally in just 5 imbues. If you can't get the resists as I described, you'll probably have to settle with one or more being in the high 60s instead of 70.
    There are 16 properties left to imbue at this point.

    Imbue all 4 parts with LMC 6
    (12 left)
    Imbue all parts with MR2
    (8 left)
    Imbue 3 parts with LRC 20%
    (5 left)
    Imbue the resists
    (0 left)

    Alternatively, if you need 6 resist imbues, you can go to 3 imbues of LMC 8, but will need the special ingredient (which will make things more costly).

    You can further tweak the suit with some of the footwear from the cleanup (2% in one of the resists), one of the event cloaks (Melissa's cloak has 5% Fire, the Shadow Cloak has Regens & LMC, and the Ranger's cloak has kinetic eater, minor SDI & LMC), and the 140 luck version of the Conjurer's Garb robe from the Gypsy event.
  9. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    I really am starting to understand it now, thanks Basara!

    I'm not sure what I was smoking last night but the AOF is nowhere near that good so this starts looking harder and harder. It's resists are actually only 2/4/3/3/4.

    But I have a new question because you bring up the golden circlet and how its meddable. But I have no meditation or focus so I will never "actively" meditate. I thought I remember that meddable armor is only important for allowing active meditation and passive regeneration will happen no matter what the armor?

    If that's the case I could use studded, or ring, chain or plate to get the same extra resist. However, the best would probably be going woodland and imbuing with oak. Anyways, my main issue with that is that I'm not an elf because I like to collect hides and elf doesn't help with that at all while being human does. So I also use cu sidhe pads for shoes and wouldn't really want to use the resist boots. *sighs* so many things to balance out *smiles* I better go sleep on it. thanks again!
  10. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    While you do passively regenerate in non-med armor, you lose any of the bonus that would come from the actual meditation skill.

    If you were an elf or gargoyle, this wouldn't be an issue, but as a human, you get 20 meditation from "Jack of all Trades" even at 0 skill.

    It also means that as a human, you have a small chance of actively meditating even at 0 skill.

    One other advantage that leather armor has, is that the parts are SO much cheaper (leather-wise). This really adds up when crafting to get the perfect pieces to imbue, since you only get 1/2 back at GM+ skill

    Leather suit (without the fugly cap): 3+4+4+10+12 = 33 leather (returns 16 when cut up)
    Studded suit (corresponding 5 parts) 8+6+10+12+14 = 50 leather (returns 25 when cut up)

    Leather making 100 suits = 3300 leather, losing 1700 when salvaging
    Studded making 100 suits 5000 leather, losing 2500 when salvaging (plus takes a talisman to make 100% exceptional)

    Also, since you're playing a human leather harvester, make sure you get a Harvester's Blade from the previous two Thanksgiving events.

    It acts as a 1.10 modifier (rounding all fractions up), much like the human bonus, but the two are applied consecutively, not simultaneously.

    So (using the best example of a 10-leather creature like a slith type or mare as an example)
    10 leather base:
    Elf & Garg get 10 back with normal tool (held Skinning knife or Butcher's War Cleaver)
    Human gets 11 back with normal tool
    Elf & Garg get 11 back with Harvester's Blade (1.1*10)
    Human gets 13 back with Harvester's Blade ( (1.1*10) * 1.1 = 11*1.1 = 12.1, rounded up to 13)

    The amount of normal leather you get off one Thrasher (or a Hydra) in the Felucca Blighted Grove, with a Harvester's Blade, is obscene.
  11. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    Thanks! I hadn't realized that about the thanksgiving blade. I'll definitely look for one.