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[Selling] Luna Plot 14x18 in city walls (Catskills)

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Discord, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Discord

    Discord Guest

    I am selling a 14x18 plot within the Luna city walls by the North Gate. If interested, please ICQ me at 648353781.

    I also have the following items for sale along with a Fel Small Keep free of spawns in a grassy area.

    A Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte Amandine Showing The Murder Of Her Family – Blue Large Painting

    Thank You Catskills, I had fun Mesanna – Purple and red hue cat stauette

    Mesannas Jack-o’-lantern – Black aura and hue

    Mesanna Beehive - I got my bell rung by playing Mesanna Roulette

    Mesanna Cake - I got killed by Mesanna but all I got was this cake!

    Mesannas Bday Pie – Sparkling blue and black hue

    Mesannas Crèam Pie – White pie

    Santa’s Sour Milk, Left out from last Christmas (Catskill 2010)

    Christmas Rocks For The Naughty List (Catskills 2010)

    Chocolate Cake

    Catskills Christmas Cookie Cake – Blue and dark blue toppings

    Burned Cake

    Bread Loaf – Light blue in color

    Happy Holidays 2009 – Green Cake

    Blood Pie – Multi colored and hue

    Olmecian Access Orb

    A Piece Of Jack Passers Cell

    Official Origin Obstacle Course Jump Rope

    Large Piece Of Blackrock

    Christmas Angel Food Cake

    Official Guardian Of The Spirit Of Christmas – Multi-colored nut cracker

    A Wizards Hat Recovered During The Rescue of Giri Ui

    Big Chocolate Muffin

    I Participated In The Epic Boat Battle On Catskills – Tricorne Hat

    Baja Christmas Pajamas 2010 – Red Robe

    Christmas Angel Gloves (Yomato 2010)

    Jingle Bells, Great Lakes 2010

    Reindeer Lure Napa Valley Holiday 2010 – Red Tambourine

    A Soggy Parchment

    New Years Eve Noisemaker, Great Lakes 2010

    April 1st Giftbox with IOU cake card

    Happy Valentines Day! bag with assecories inside

    The Sense Of Wonder

    Orange Metallic Ingots

    Easter Egg “Happy Easter 2009 Catskills”

    Focusing Gem of Virtue Bane

    Lucky Leaping Leprechaun Booties

    Santas Old Socks (Yamato 2010)

    Rare Hanging Chainmail Armor and Leggings (When double clicked can be worn)

    L~Ag Cure – Mutlicolored and hued essence

    Blue Crystallized Essence

    Red Crystallized Essence

    Multiple Valentines Day tickets

    I Participated In Savage Crisis and All I Got Was Deathrobes! – Orange Robe

    Strawberry Cream Chesse Cake

    Peach Fairy Statue (Both hues)

    A Reindeer Mask

    Magical Paper Lantern

    Magic Door

    Me Trik Er Treet Wif Urks 2011 – Orange Basket

    A Bell Painted By Santas Elves (2010 Catskills)

    EM Infity – Buzzing Origin 2010 Sash Glacial Blue

    Europa Gold Royal Britania Guard Sash

    A Red Velvet Box

    A Christmas Angels Harp (Drachenfels 2010)

    A Chunk Of Rock For the Not So Nice (Sonoma 2010)

    Garbage (Yamato 2010)

    A Holiday Timepiece

    Magic Flute

    Compassion Sage

    Simulacrum Of Serendipity Statue

    Freedom Is Never Given, It is Won vase

    Sparkling Cherry Juice (Sakura 2010)

    Buta No Marukoge (sakura 2010)

    Holy Starlight (Sakura 2010)

    Medetai (Yamato 2010)

    Origins Ale Of The Ages

    Catskills Frostfine Wine

    Glass Mug Of Coffee

    A Christmas Mug Crafted By Merry Elves,Great Lakes 2010

    Habanero Carrot Of The Hythloth Devil Bunny

    A Bourbon-filled Candy Carrot

    Stuffed Fish With Gareths Remains – Multicolored fish statuette for wall

    A Catskills Christmas Carrot Nibbled On By A Solstice Stag

    A Gentle Breath Of Spring Breeze – In Memory Of Caryn

    Eine Ordinare Oster, Karotte (Drachenfels 2010)

    Ter Mur Snowglobe

    I Survived St. Paddys Drunken Knife throwing Contest

    Thank You Napa, Love Mesanna!

    I Ran Over Grandman, Great Lakes 2010

    Blanket Of Darkness

    A Fruity Sponge Cake

    EM Tailspin Is Leaving And Mesanna Is Not Making Him Go!

    A Well Use Toy Sword – Sonoma 2010

    Pile Of Reindeer Cookies – Naughty Napa Valley Holiday 2010

    Snowskin Moon cake

    A Maple-Leaf Shaped Pie

    Scavengers List

    Happy Easter!! - Multihued basket

    In Memory Of Lady Rose (Drachenfels 2010) – Stauette

    A statue Of Finnigan – Talking Statue when clicked (Answers questions)

    Statue Of The Stars

    Multiple Easter Baskets with charges

    Gingerbread cookie – Crafted By EM Nestor Christmas 2009

    And many more items………..

    Random Useful Items:

    Crystal Portal

    Corrupted Crystal Portal

    Commodity Deed Boxes – Numerous resources and imbuing items!

    Chest of Sending

    And many more….
  2. Vivacia

    Vivacia Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nice collection! Are you selling these items with the keep as a package deal or are you selling items in the form of an auction or set price you have in mind?
  3. Discord

    Discord Guest

    I would like to sell them all together as a package deal however, I am not outruling individual sales.