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(RP) Mac The Werewolf.

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Mac The Werewolf.

    Shortly before sunrise I made my patrol around the streets of Drachental.
    I never been a good sleeper, maybe it is because there always many things on my mind.​

    My neighbor's houses where very quiet, they must have been all still asleep.
    When i passed our workshop i heard a noise coming from the west.
    It came from Miners Heaven.
    A friend of me lives there.​


    Mac was a beggar that lives on donations of the kind people in Sosaria.
    He did not use the gold for his own but to use to rebuild this old Gothic building into a place where miners that worked the surrounding mountains could drink,eat and sleep.
    The rebuilding is slow because Mac want to do everything himself.​

    I heard another growling sound and i draw my sword and ran to Miners Heaven.​

    I saw a huge beast coming from the inside.
    I heard about these mythical creatures before.
    Lycans,better known as werewolf's!
    I stood there face to face with the beast.​


    I was worried about Mac.
    If Mac was home and this beast found him he would not had a chance against it.​


    "FOOD!" ​

    I was surprised that this creature could talk.​

    "FRARC FOOD!"​

    Did he just see me as food?
    And how did he know my name?​

    "NO HURT!"​

    The werewolf looked at my sword like it was trying to tell me he did not wanted to fight.
    Often i can feel the evil karma from creatures and people but this one gave me no sense of any bad intension's.
    I sheathed my sword to try to show i was not here to harm him.​

    Then i asked him where Mac was.​


    Was Mac still inside the house and was injured?
    I had trouble understanding the Lycan.​

    Then the sun started to rise above the mountains
    A new day was coming.​

    The werewolf started to growl again and fell to the ground.
    I could not believe my eyes what transformation i saw.
    The werewolf changed back to his human form.
    It was Mac!
    Quickly i picked up Mac from the ground and carried him inside the Miners Heaven.​

    I went behind the bar and took one of this self made bottles of liquor and gave it to him.
    "Good stuff!" Mac said to me.
    I could not believe Mac was this werewolf.​

    "I am sorry i did not tell you about this when we met Frarc.
    But i wanted to hide my secret for everyone.
    I use to be a paladin working for a secret society that deals with strange creature.
    Last year around Halloween things went wrong.
    The society wanted that i dealt with these wolfs that where living in a cave in the forest near the Shrine of Sacrifice.
    I thought i could do this alone but when i arrived near the wolfs lair i was attacked from the back by a giant wolf-like creature on two legs.​

    Before i could kill the creature it bit me in the arm!​

    Several days later my wound was already cured.
    But the nights where hard on me.
    I kept having nightmares on the fight with the wolf-like creature.
    Then on a night with a full moon i could not sleep, i felt a lot of pain in my body.
    The only thing i remember of that night was the hunger for food.​

    The day after i found myself naked in the forest near the Shrine of Sacrifice.
    I went back to the society house library and went to search in some old books.
    After some time i found that the bite of the wolf creature gave me Lycanthropy.
    I became something i been hunting for years.
    Man during the day, beast at night.
    I had to leave the society , if they knew what i became they would hunt me.
    The hunter became the hunted , my paladin days are over.
    I must learn to control this beast inside me.​

    I left first to Empath Abbey to buy me several monk robes.
    I know my clothing is shredded when i change into this beast and these cheap robes can help me.
    I heard the news about a town called Drachental, where its peaceful and friendly people lived.​

    There i would restart my new life , trying to help other people but hide who i really am and life like a beggar,hidden from the world.
    So now Frarc, you now know my secret and i beg you not to tell anyone."​

    I told Mac i would not reveal his secret and promised him that my friends and allies will help to find a cure for his decease.
    He smiled to me and asked what he could do in return.
    I asked him if he could help us against the evil that walks the lands.
    But he told me that since the curse he did not do any fighting anymore.
    He was out of shape.​

    He took me upstairs and opened a locked closet. Beneath a pile or robes was a red metal chest.
    When he opened it he took out a beautiful red bone armor and a blood red scythe.
    He must have been a great paladin and great detective to find and kill these strange creatures over the years.​

    We shook hands to help each other.
    We would help to find a cure and he would help us to help to fight against evil.
    But he will stay hidden as a beggar in Miners Heaven as long the society looks for him.​

  2. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Mac The Werewolf.
    Part II

    Blood thirst.

    For months i have been hiding in Drachental , avoiding people as much as i can.
    For now i like to live in solitude and only try to have contact with Frarc who knows my secret.
    During the day i beg in towns where not many people travel too for gold and for small items in the elven city of Heartwood.
    But asking for donation like this is slow and is the reason why the rebuilding on Miners Heaven is slow.​

    I'm started to be pleased with the progress i been making on the building.
    The small garden in front looks lovely when the plants are fully grown.​


    I also hired someone to brew us some alcohol with the distilling device i bought.
    Selling the liquor will help to raise the funds to decorate the building even more.​


    With the gold from begging i was able to buy several small beds and bedrolls for the dormitory.
    At least hard working miners and travelers have a place to rest.​


    But when i look at my armors that are displayed on some mannequins it hurts to see what all i have lost since i was cursed.
    At night i lock myself in a room in one of the towers.​


    I fear that i would hurt or kill innocent people and friends when the beast comes out.
    I know what these creatures can do, i hunted them for years!
    If it means to stay alone for the rest of my life to protect others, then that is the burden i have to carry.​

    It sometimes hard at nights when the moon is at its strongest.
    I can feel the thirst for blood inside of me rising.
    The desire to kill.​

    Yesterday a gargoyle walked in Miners Heaven.
    He wanted to talk with me.
    I had seen him flying in Drachental before.
    And if i recall it right he was part of the daemon invasion that was leaded by the Dark Angel here in Drachental.
    There is no real proof he planned it all but Frarc think he was.​

    He told me he could help me with my problem if i would help him first.
    I was surprised he knew about it and when i ask how he knew he gave me this wicked smile and told me he knows everything.​

    My instinct as former paladin told me not to trust this gargoyle so i declined his offer.
    When he reached in his pocket his face revealed a evil grin.
    He placed a round token with a symbol on the table.
    My heart started to beat faster when i was looking at it.
    It was the symbol of the society i left.​

    Before he flew away he said that i had the choice.
    Help him or the society will know where i live!
    "What do you want? Stop playing games!" i yelled at him.
    He replied that the game was only beginning.​

    Now i sit here in my room, thinking what i should do.
    Is there a chance he knows how to cure me? But what is the price?
    I don't trust him...but...maybe.....I don't want to have this beast inside of me.
    Every passing day it is harder to keep control.
    If he informs the society they will hunt me and kill me!​

    What should i do? ​

  3. Jafanarae

    Jafanarae Guest

    Great story, I look forward to hearing more.

    Surely the open-minded citizens of Drachental will rally round to defend Mac against the gargoyle and the society? What can be done to help find a cure, if there is one?
  4. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Mac The Werewolf.
    Part III


    After i refused to take the gargoyles offer to help me things started to turn bad.
    A few days ago i heard a group of men arriving at my home.
    The sound of metal armor alerted me.
    I quickly ran to the roof to have a look at these men.
    A dozen knights and there leader gathered around the house.
    I recognized the armor and when the leader took his helm off , i knew i had to run!
    It was Willem the Third and several other members of the Black Rose Society!
    They found me and I'm pretty sure the gargoyle told them where to look!
    They only came for one thing and thats to kill me.​

    Lucky for me when i was restoring Miners Heaven i found some secret passages.
    I have to use them to escape and get as far i can from this place.
    I ran as fast as i could to some of the teleporters here in Drachental.
    I ended up in Luna where it was very crowded.
    It is always busy here with people who trying to sell and buy items.
    When i walked at the bank i noticed a wanted poster at the wall.
    It was me!
    The mark of the Black Rose was on it and it was signed by Willem.
    I can not stay here before anyone recognize me.
    I ran trough the moongate and for some reason i decided to go to Yew.​

    I lost track of time with all this running when i suddenly felt a tremendous pain in my chest.
    The beast was coming and i had no time to lock me up!
    I started to run southward,away from Empath Abbey.
    When this beast come out i want to avoid people as much i can.
    I have no idea what i do if i am not in control.​

    The next morning i woke up in a small house.
    I was locked inside this building.
    I don't remember much of last night.
    Only bits and pieces of people who feared me and of people who tried to talk to me.​


    They must have catched me and locked me in this room.
    But why did they not just kill me?
    Later that day several people came.
    They came to see how i was doing.
    They explained to me what happened last night and told me that they where surprised to see a werewolf around there.
    But wat surprised me most is that somehow the beast had talked to them but in a very primitive way.​

    I told them who i was and what happened over the years.
    They are members of the Council of Yew and they explained they would try to help me to find a cure or at least learn to control the beast.
    I have my doubts on that but i accept there offer.
    It the least i can do for not killing me.
    But i warned them that the Black Rose Society will not give up on me that easily.​

    I can not go home now, Willem and his men will be at Miners Heaven.
    So i have to hide here and try to control the beast.
    They gave me the key of this house to lock myself inside.​

    Last night things did not go too well.
    Someone of the Council was with me in the house when i changed.​


    But unlike before part of me understood what was happening.
    The beast wanted to shred him in pieces and eat him.
    But the human inside could not do this too a friend.
    I bashed the door open and ran around the streets.
    I felt free!
    It took the council hours to calm me down and capture me.
    They locked me back in the house and reinforced the door.​

    Today a gargoyle flew by and casted a spell on the door.
    The door unlocked with the spell and my key could not lock it anymore.
    I ran out to see but the gargoyle already disappeared.
    Why would anyone wants me out!​

    I went deeper in the forest when i heard a sound coming from a cave nearby.
    It sounded like a cry from a wounded animal.​

    I stepped closer and noticed this unusual creature.
    It was a vollem.​


    I used my paladin abilities to heal him.
    The creature was alone now just like i am.
    I will take him with me to my hiding place.
    I hope the Council won't mind.
    I gave him the name Canis Lupus, it means wolf.​

    Maybe my new friend can keep me company and give me strength in my darkest hours!​