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mace fighting and dex question

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Cantabrigian British, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I'm trying to find the guide to how the dexterity works.

    Let me be clear. There are certain skills that work in "teirs" in other words, you can't mine valorite at 99.9 mining skill (excluding any buffs) but at 100.0 mining skill you can.

    Well... is having 19 dexterity, the same as having 10? Or is having 20 - 29 the same? What is the "Tier division" for dexterity, or... at least where can I find it?

    Please, don't tell me what "you" think the "better" template would be... but what I'm doing is running a tamer/mage with a touch of mace fighting.

    Animal Taming: 120.0
    Animal Lore:120.0
    Mace Fighting:100.0

    As of right now, my total skill limit is 705.0 If I reach my final numbers listed above, and I put on a spellbook in my arms to boost me to 80.0 or better magery, will the game allow me to do that? Or will I be bound to the 705.0 cap?

    So... I'm basically trying to figure out what I should set my Dex to without taking to many points away from Str and my Int.

    I'd like to have at least 80 or better Str, and At LEAST 90 Int. Is having my Dex at 60 a good idea? Or would I be just as well off for my Dex to be 40, 35, 30? ect...
  2. Dex is for Bandage speeds, it works in intervals of 20.

    Stamina is for Swing speeds, it works in intervals of 30.

    There is no cap on using skill increase items.

    How much Stamina you need depends on what weapon you're using, how much Swing Speed Increase you have equipped, and what speed you want to swing it at.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Also at 70 tactics you cannot use your 2nd weapon special. It requires 90 tactics, you need to shave pts or use skill jewelry.

    Do you know which weapons you want to use? You may want to consider some of the faster weapons so you don't need high STA.

    I can suggest places to shave pts. For example it only takes 115/110 or 112/112 Taming/Lore for 99% Control on Dread Warhorse or Bane Dragon. That's all you need. If you're going to use a GD you need less- only 110/110. Again this is for CONTROL purposes. If you want higher for stable slots or easier time taming, have jewelry to swap to for that purpose.

    Vet can be shaved also, and boosted with jewels for stable slots
  4. Thunderz

    Thunderz Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
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    Id drop the vet and boost magery and other things as with greater heal you can keep a greater dragon alive easily, as you will stop hitting while your vetting for longer than you would casting greater heal, meaning you can pick up some med aswell for MR or boost other skills that will benefit you.

    On the dex/stamina note, your ok at 60 stamina the next tier for swinging faster is 90, so you could put some on jewelry to hit 90 but i think at 60 with a 2 second wepon your swinging at max [dont quote me on it].

    there is a calculator here for you to see what ssi and stamina does for your speed on different wepons so you can build your suite and stats to balance it just right for the right wepon.

    UO Stratics - Weapons

    EDIT** Also it would be a good idea to look at people who play archer tamers as there a very powerful char to play and it will be pretty much the same set up for you to get maximum efficency, i seen a few posts but not sure where.

  5. Klapauc

    Klapauc Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2009
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    What you are asking for is how much stamina do you need, as the swingspeed of your weapon depends on how much stamina you got.
    Fastest 2-handed mace weapon is tessen, you need 90 stamina with 0 ssi or 30 stamina with 20 ssi to swing it at maximum speed.
    Fastest one-handers are wild staff and club, you would need 150 stamina or 90 stamina with 20 ssi.
    And yes,skill increase from items adds points above your current skill cap.
    If you really want to play such a char, i would suggest getting at least 115 weapon skill.

  6. I greatly appreciate all your input. I did read all of your posts. The stratics user: Lord GOD (GOD) gave me the best answer I was looking for. Mostly I wanted to know the teir level structure. And he gave me just that. I thank you sir. ^.^ And I thank the rest of you for the feedback.