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mage bard need some help

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Storm, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Storm

    Storm UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Ok Ive played along time 86 months I think it says and I am recently back after over a year break and I have a mage bard who is almost complete but I have not played in a long time with him so Im looking for help with equipment I should try to outfit him with and any skill changes you think I should make .
    I play mainly alone although I will be playing alot more with my son who is been playing a couple months now
    ok so here are my skills and stats

    Magery 110.0 110.0
    Meditation 110.0 110.0
    Musicianship 110.0 110.0
    Peacemaking 110.0 110.0
    Evaluating Intelligence 100.0 100.0
    Provocation 98.6 98.6
    Magic Resistance 72.7 61.7 +( 11.0)
    Swordsmanship 2.0 0.0 +( 2.0)
    Hiding 1.1 1.1

    Str 92 89 (+3)
    Dex 31 31
    Int 126 125 (+1)

    ok I use a spell book with +10 magery +11 resist and +10 med so I was thinking first of get a 120 power scroll for magery and med as this will put bolth at 120 at no skill cost other than that any help would be great

    oh and ill have resist at 80-90 in a couple days and im 720 skill cap and 230 stat cap till I can get a cheep scroll as I only have a mill or so in bank on this toon and I play pvm only
  2. elenka

    elenka Guest


    I'd say it's more important to get your barding skills to 120 (real or adjusted by jewelry). 120 magery is very expensive, barding scrolls are much cheaper.
    120 magery is very nice to have, but 120 in all barding skills you use is more important (I think).
    I enjoy playing disco/provo/mage, I don't use peacemaking at all.
    You can cast 8th level magery spells like energy vortex from scrolls in case of emergency, but you can't improve your chance of barding high level creatures by anything else except improving your barding skills (and using exceptional/slayer instruments). And even with everything maxed you don't have 100% chance. Of course it all depends on what kind of critters you're fighting...

  3. I would consider swapping out the spellbook for a scrappers and/or a slayer spellbook set. If you have a slayer scrappers, that's even better.

    I would recommend the following...

    Get +magery from a crystaline ring because it also gives you +focus +MR and 20 SDI (huge impact)

    Get an orny and that chaos shield from the museum. It won't be quite max casting, but it will be close enough.

    If you're an elf, consider those craftable pants that have SDI on em. Spellwoven britches I think is what they're called.

    Wear pendant of the magi for SDI and LRC

    I wear Armor of Fortune for LRC. You can consider doing the same or you could wear Rune Beetle Carapiece for the mana economy

    You probably want totem of the void for mana economy

    Peace/provoke isn't a bad combination on your template because it gives you the highest level of crowd control. Right now my template is slated for discord/peace. Realistically, any 2 bard skill template can work if you play it right.

    I agree with your other reply in that you should take the bard skills to 120. Bard skills are always worth taking to 120 with the possible exception of peacemaking if and only if you are only using AE peace. For example, my spawner only has GM music/peace, but she only uses AE peace.

    I wouldn't bother with magic resist. If you use the crowd control aspects of bard skills well, you won't need resist.

    It's good to have eval int on a bard mage; especially if you have discord. If you have 106+ magery and 120 eval/discord, you can really toast things. The discord will reduce target resists by 28% and the eval will maximize your spell damage. Having higher magery only increases how much you heal, how well you cure and how often you fizzle. At 106+ magery, you will not fizzle lvl 7 spells. You can use scrolls to cast lvl 8's, or you can just use a strategy that doesn't rely on lvl 8's (or I guess you can just not care that you fizzle lol)

    My strategy on a bard/mage is to focus on controlling an area and then burning down individual targets quickly.