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Mage template help

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by ferrojr, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. ferrojr

    ferrojr Guest

    Hi, my char has the following skills

    120 magery
    120 med
    110 eval
    110 resist

    I´m thinking what im going to do next. Necro and spirit speak was my first choice, animal taming and lore second. But I´ve seen a few templates with weapon skill.

    I want to do pvm mainly. Dragons, etc... I have a great suit with 60 SDI. So ,my idea was

    120 magery
    120 med
    120 eval
    120 resist
    120 necro
    100 spirit

    700 total

    Anyway, any suggestions for this char? I have a warrior as well, maybe i dont need to use mage for pvm... Please, post advices and suggestions. Thanks

    105 swords going for 120
    104 tactics going for 120
    120 healing
    120 anatomy
    120 resist
    100 chivalry
  2. Chaosy

    Chaosy Guest

    If you're only going to PvM, I'd lean towards a spellweaving/necro template. In PvM you can get away with not having resist, so I would replace that with spellweaving. Furthermore, you don't need higher than 105 necromancy (maybe not even that) unless you plan on using revenants a lot. At 105, you won't fail strangle, but to be honest you don't strangle a lot in PvM anyway. I would drop your necro to 100 and go 120 spirit speak.

    Warrior templates are a whole other issue and I would recommend posting in the warrior forum for help in that area.
  3. ferrojr

    ferrojr Guest

    Thanks a lot for your attention. I've seen as well a lot of mage's templates with weapon skill, like swords, do I need that? I think I'm going with necro and spirit speak.

    Ohh, another question, do I need Parrying?
  4. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    No, if you use a mage weapon like the staff of magi and rack up dci youll be fine.

    Besides PvM you probably wont be "tanking" much.

    I woould definatly say go Spellweaving, its the most GODLY PvM skill in the game for a mage! (and very very good for every other template too!)
  5. ferrojr

    ferrojr Guest

    Okk, my char is ready

    120 magery
    120 eval int
    120 meditation
    120 resisting spells
    120 spirit speak
    100 necromancy

    Now, I need to learn what to do. Right now I use a lot my magery spells, mainly I cast energy vortex, flame strike and chain lightining, and cast invisibility when I need. Now, how can I mix magery with necro spells, so I increase my killing power? I don't know the necro spells very well.

    And for healing, is it best to use greater heal or spirit speak?

    Although my resists are high, I can't stand in front of tough mosters, like dragons, so mainly I run a lot, then cast invisibility, but the problem is my energy vortexes by themselves cant kill dragon. Anyway, what I'm asking for is a good spell combo and tips so I can defeat these monsters.

    Another thing, some paragon monsters, they run a lot, so I can't really cast anything when they are after me, I just run a lot and cast invisibility, cause if they get close to me they bring my health down pretty quickly, specially good spell casters. Is there something I can do?

    Thanks a lot
  6. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Corpse skin will be one of your best friends!!!

    It lowers both the targets fire resist and poison resist, normally making Flame strikes and explosion your best offensive spells.

    Against paragons, Blood oath may not be a bad idea then cast protection.
    What this does is everytime they hit you they take the same(ish) damage, the protection will allow you to heal through there damage(and invis if things get really tight).

    Unfortunatly Strangle doesnt disrupt mob casting. If your fightin a high end monster though its not a bad idea followed by pain spike to maximise damge.

    Also once your done finishing the Mob remember to animate the corpse(necro spell) it gives you another "pet" you cannot control them but they will do damage to your targets and also help draw attention from your EV's or yourself.
  7. BajaKurgan

    BajaKurgan Guest

    Like you, I just recently added Necro to my Mage and am unfamiliar with the spells, so have been trying them out. I love the fact that 15 of the 17 Necro spells use 29 Mana or less (And that's before you factor in LMC!!!)

    One thing I've been forgetting is Corpse Skin, which everyone seems to think is the bees knees, but I think I'm always in the mindset of Damage/Damage/Damage instead of Debuff/Damage/Damage. guess it just comes with practice.

    Just check the weakest resist for whatever you are fighting and use the appropriate spells. Necro is nice because it adds a direct damage poison spell, which Magery doesn't have. Necro also has Pain Spike (Physical), Whither (Cold) and Strangle (Poison) All excellent spells in their own right.

    I use both...
    Spirit Speak is faster, heals less damage and doesn't use Mana if there are corpses around
    Greater Heal is slower, Heals more damage and uses Mana
    Depends on the situation
    To tell you the truth, I think it's my most used "Necro Spell"
    It's just so easy to tap my Spirit Speak macro.

    You need a set of Super Slayer Spellbooks
    They are fracking awesome!!!
    You wouldn't believe how fast you can decimate Wyverns, Drakes, White Wyrms and Dragons with a Reptile Slayer spellbook.
    I actually killed my first Greater Dragon solo with my mage this week, but I wouldn't call it a decimation, more like a "Process" :)
    If you're on Baja, I'll hook you up with a Dragon Slayer for free.

    I just spam EV's and then don't move or cast invis in between. They high end spellcaster paragons, seem to dispell EV's at the start, but if you keep 'em coming they usually stick after a while.
    The problem is if you start doing direct damage to some paragons they tend to "take notice" of you and then it's a marathon.
  8. Mairut

    Mairut Guest