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Mage Template Help

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Belanos/Icicle, May 17, 2009.

  1. I'm wanting a fairly well-rounded mage template that will be pretty effective in champs and peerless, as well as being able to stand ground against other players in fel.

    Here are the skills I currently have to work with (at least the ones I can spare for this character), between my mage and my soulstones:

    120 magery
    120 eval
    120 meditation
    120 necro
    120 spirit speak
    106.1 spellweaving (scrolled to 120, working on maxing)
    100 inscription
    120 anatomy
    120 music
    120 provoke
    120 stealth
    100 hiding

    What I use right now is 120 magery, eval, meditation, resist, 100 inscription, and 106.1 spellweaving. I have a cap of 720 points on this account.

    The suit he uses has the following stats:
    DCI 28
    HCI 11
    LRC 10
    LMC 43
    2/6 casting
    sdi 10
    resists all 70s (fire resist exactly 70, so not necro-form protective)
    mr 10


    magery +9

    all slots filled except for the weapon hand and the half-apron slot, so a crimson and scrapper/spellbook/weapon/whatever can be equipped for extra mods.

    Is the template I have on this character right now good, or should I change it up, or what? I'm not looking to solo the df or Oaks or anything, just needing something competitive that will be of real use in a spawn.