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mage/thief template on siege

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Rumonice, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Rumonice

    Rumonice Guest

    Hello I am currently making a mage/thief on siege and need some suggestions.

    The template will use the burgler bandana for +10 stealth/snoop/steal.
    The template will operate mostly as a thief but can also lay the smack down. Being able to come out of stealth and mana dump with its high nuking output, plus the magery utility comes in nicely (invis/stealth). Swords of prosperity or Staff of magi will be used for mage weapon and ethrael steed when planning to come out of stealth. Only weakness I think of is no resist, but I'm a thief mainly and will not be targeted much often.

    I was thinking of adding ninjitsu but not much room to work with. Plus can't cast in animal form and wont have any use for the combat moves, only shadow jump would be handy in this template.

    120 magery
    120 eval int
    110 stealing
    100 hiding
    90 snooping
    90 stealth
    90 meditation


    120 magery
    120 eval int
    110 stealing
    100 hiding
    100 meditation
    90 snooping
    80 stealth
  2. Rumonice

    Rumonice Guest

    i was thinking of lowering medi to get ninja, i was not really interested in the forms tho since i can't cast in them. How much ninjitsu is needed to not fail shadowjump? Also I use meditation a lot and I like being able to pvm, having no medi would stink.

    The forms could come in handy if i can't cast my ethrael tho, i would try to invis and cast ethrael or get on it before coming out of stealth.
  3. chrae

    chrae Guest

    ... no resist, but I'm a thief mainly and will not be targeted much often.

    As a thief you get targeted all the time. You should reconsider having resist.

    110 magery
    110 eval int
    110 med
    110 resist
    100 hide
    90 snoop
    90 steal

    That template will let you pack a punch, lets you pvm, and you can walk right through people casting paralyze and poison on you like it's nothing. Stealth is overrated and 120 stealing is unnecessary for most practical purposes.
  4. Rumonice

    Rumonice Guest

    if i was not going to get stealth i would consider dropping hiding then. a lot of thief templates i see out there don't have resist so i built the template the same way. also someone told me on siege burgler bandana can't be blessed with clothing bless deed, if its true cuts 30 points from my template idea.

    i liked higher stealing if i decided to steal rares maybe but thats a different thread. i liked the idea of stealth for an escape and ambush tool.

  5. I'm not on Siege, but mine is blessed. Could just be an SP thing?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    On siege, there's no insurance and clothing bless deeds can only be used on clothing which has only resists - no skills or mods of any kind.

    However, there is the one-and-only siege bless option which can be used to bless one item. Most of us use it to bless a really good weapon or artie.

    The rest of our suits are disposable and are expected to be lost every time we die!
  7. Rumonice

    Rumonice Guest

    alright then bandana is out :p

    i was like the other template idea with getting resist, but i think i may want to lean towards being a thief than a mage pvp'.

    I was thinking about

    115 mage
    120 eval
    110 stealing
    100 medi
    100 hiding
    100 snooping
    75 stealth

    might be final template not yet sure. maybe drop stealing a lil to 105-100 to get 120 mage or higher medi...
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actually, the bandana is not out with that template. You can use the siege bless on it till you get the shadow dancer leggings!

    However, you may find that you want to use the siege bless for a scrappers.
  9. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    You'll find that bandannas are fairly cheap so you can run them as a throwaway if you want to. Personally, I don't like to do that not because of losing them but because i don't like not having the skills if i don't have a bandanna that day.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thats roughly what i had, trick is to have protection on. Just steal an item and cast invis on yourself...as long as your wearing armour you usually cat it before they kill you