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Magic crit formula / WIT effect.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrillzHolmes, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. CrillzHolmes

    CrillzHolmes Guest

    Hello, there's something here thats been bothering me for a while, its about magical crits. Im having a real problem deciding now whether I should go Elemental Summoner (ES) or Spellsinger (SPS) aswell because of this. Theres alot of discussion to be made why one should pk one or another of these, but thats not whats for discussion here, unless of course you want to, then go ahead, but this thing interested me about about magic crits.

    There is nothing that ever showed how much chance for a magicial crit you have. There is no info about it, and these forums doesn't really making it easy to search for it either, so I made this thread.

    Spellsinger has a great advantage here with high WIT which says to increase magical crits.

    Now I heard the cap for magic crits is 20%. After that you will not get any more. We have only WIT, Wild Magic, Dance Of Siren and Necklace of Valakas that increases Magic crit rate right?

    So how much is actually needed for 20% magic crit rate?

    And how much chance does the buffs actually add?

    Im wondering if there is any Magic Crit formulas around, something that could explain how it all works and how much everything adds. For example, how much would +9 WIT actually add?

    Im guessing with all the above buffs and the Necklace of Valakas you would have alot more than just 30% magic crit, if it was possible. Right?

    Kind regards,
  2. ennaangel

    ennaangel Guest

    well as far as i know increasing a stat like wit or str heigher then +5 wont add anything like p atk cast speed or crit rate.

    i read somewhere dance of siren adds 200% magic crit rate, wild magic +300%, valakas + 100%

    i cant tell if this is all aquarate if not pls reply but its what i read.

    (if want to know wher i found this here is location http://l2p.l2wh.com/buffs.html